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Bad Habits That Ruin Posture

by Back2

Posted on 29th October 2019

4 Bad Sitting Habits That Ruin Your Posture

Back pain is a pretty serious issue in the UK. About one-third of the UK population experiences, back pain every year and about as many as 2.6 million people will seek advice from their GP on their back issue, according to studies. This can be detrimental to not only workers’ health but also their productivity. As much as 16% of those unable to work due to back pain still can’t work after one year.

There are many reasons why you can get back pain, but among the most popular ones is a bad posture. Sitting in the wrong posture can be the quickest way to ruin your back. But unlike underlying conditions, you yourself can slowly improve how you sit to prevent back pain. Here are 4 common bad sitting habits as well as how to prevent them.

Slouching on your chair

Bad habits that ruin posture

This is probably the most common bad sitting habit. The worst part is that it is affecting everyone, not just office workers. Slouching will put a lot of tension on your muscles, which will increase your likelihood of getting back pain. When you first try to change your sitting habit, it might be difficult as your muscles will need some time to get used to it. You could further strengthen your muscles through exercises such as bridges, back extensions, and planks.

Hunched back

Often joked as “text neck”, hunched back happens when you have to tilt your head slightly forward to get a better look at the screen while texting or working. Not only will this put a strain on your neck but you will also strain your eyes, forcing them to work on the double. To change your texting posture, try the seated row exercise at the gym, or a simple chest stretch.

Poking chin

When your chin is slightly tilted upward, you might have a habit of poking your chin. There are several reasons why you are poking your chin, including a hunched back, the misalignment of the screen or the combination of the two reasons. To condition your body to move away from poking chin, try adjusting your seating or buy an ergonomic chair for personalized support.

Phone cradling

Cradling your phone between your ear and your shoulder might sound like a good way to multitask, but in reality, both your ears and your shoulders are not designed to maintain this position for too long. Cradling your phone for too long will put a lot of strain on your neck, upper back, and shoulders. This habit might cause stiff neck if left unchanged for too long, so you should consider getting a hands-free device or holding your phone in your hands instead of cradling it.

Small habits can lead to big changes if given enough time. Don’t wait until your conditions get worse to start changing. Make changes now for a better posture. To promote a betting sitting habit, you could also consider replacing your current furniture with ergonomic furniture for the best outcome.

Posted in on 29th October 2019 by Back2.