Online Assessments


Back2 can help you comply with DSE regulations and maximise your workforce’s time and productivity by improving their daily habits such as seating ergonomics, keyboard and mouse usage and rest breaks.

You can now do most of this online thanks to a range of computer software which enables you and your employees to track their wellbeing and efficiency improvement. The Healthy Working software is an e-learning tool that offers DSE training and advice to each employee, allowing them and their managers to identify risk factors and keep track of the required changes to their workstation. This is achieved through four easy steps:

1. The software first requires the employee to create a user profile including what type of equipment is used - such as desktop, tablet or mobile, what other accessories are present on the workstation and whether the employee is an expectant mother.

2. The following section of the software takes the user through the E-learning phase, based on the information previously provided. The materials are concise and easy to understand, making use of clear diagrams to illustrate different DSE scenarios.

3. A test is then undertaken to ensure the fundamentals of DSE have been understood. The test comprises multiple answer questions and interactive diagrams.

4. The Risk Assessment section establishes what potential risks or hazards the employee is currently exposed to and whether any discomfort is present by taking the employee through a questionnaire which analyses the employee’s working habits and surroundings in detail.

After the Risk Assessment, the Healthy Working software produces a tailored Healthy Working Plan which is the result of all the information previously submitted.

At this stage the employee should be able to:

- Understand the cause of any discomfort they may be experiencing
- Carry out basic adjustments to their workstations
- Know who to report any other issues or risk factors to within the company

The Healthy Working Plan and the E-learning materials can be accessed at any time and offer flexible all-round assistance for you and your employees.

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