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Professional Advice

Back2 help people to improve productivity and cut the cost of work-related absence caused by posture problems and poorly functioning office equipment.

Back2 find the best solution for your needs.


Back2 will support and assist your company in any way we can, accommodating your schedule and any requirements specific to your company.

We like to build relationships with our clients.

Volume Supply

Back2 are able to supply and install products in volume for an entire building, floor or group of employees.

Back2 provide competitive quotes for your specification and are able to accommodate your needs in every way.

Free Chair Trials

Back2 offer no obligation trials on a range of award-winning chairs. We aim to provide the right chair to the right person.

The choice of chair is about providing the right tool for the user and their work style.

DSE Assessments

Back2 has qualified DSE Assessors who are able to perform DSE Assessments on-site at your premises.

Back2 can provide all 3 types of this increasingly important assessment depending on your needs.

Read up on why you should get DSE assessments.

Required: Tick sheet assessment. All computer users.

Remedial: More detailed than the above and is carried out by a qualified DSE professional.

Complex: For those with recognised medical conditions.

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