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Basic Office Chairs

Don’t let your budget constraint be a burden.

Protect your back and your neck now with our collection of basic office chairs, now available at very affordable price ranges.

Sitting on a bad office chair is a terrifying experience. Not only do you have to deal with the constant back pain and neck pain but you will also get no mobility from your chair, as it can be extremely frustrating trying to move around with a generic office chair.

Change starts from the smallest things, and if you are looking to change your bad office habits, start with the chairs you sit on! Ergonomic chairs should be the ones for you, as they will not only offer much better comfort but will also let you move around the office with ease. Modern ergonomic chairs also come with unique features which will transform your working experience from a painful one to a comforting one for the entirety of your working hours.

We at Back2 understand that not every office can afford all those fancy ergonomic chairs, so we are offering you the most basic choices with the most essential features available! Don’t be fooled by the prices. These models can still do exceptionally well in keeping you comfortable and happy throughout your working hours!

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  1. Okamura Portone Office Chair

    Okamura Portone Office Chair

    £328.99 £499.00

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