DSE Assessments

DSE assessments are one of the quickest and most efficient ways to improve workplace performance and reduce wasted spend on work-related absence.

We have qualified ergonomic practitioners who will promptly visit your office anywhere in the UK to provide an extensive, personalised DSE evaluation. They won’t just promote an ergonomic workspace but will also share some great advice for you to capitalise on in the future. 

There are three different types of DSE assessment that we offer:  

Required DSE assessment (level 1); A required DSE assessment involves a basic questionnaire to see if you meet the legal DSE requirements. 

Remedial DSE assessment (level 2); This is a more comprehensive, face to face assessment which includes an extensive written report for your records. 

Complex DSE assessment (level 3); An in-depth assessment aimed at those who suffer from a medical problem and require a more profound and holistic approach tailored to their specific needs, requirements and their unique history of back problems. 

During the assessment, we may take end-user measurements and photos of the workstation, prior to which we will require the end user's written consent. This consent will also be required before the written report can be shared with the company.

When you engage our services we will not stop at just assessing you, but will also provide you with a report to inform you of the best way to move forward in creating a work-friendly office space. If new equipment is required we will advise on the most appropriate products. If an upgrade to a more ergonomic chair is advisable, Back2 can provide it on trial basis to ensure that the selected alternative seating will address your back issues and postural problems and that it is compatible with the rest of your equipment. That way you can benefit from our expertise and experience tailored to your individual circumstances and put to test in your work environment.

We can provide a variety of DSE solutions, including online DSE software for you to use in-house.

What are the DSE Guidelines?

These guidelines are written and formulated in an attempt to protect those who habitually use display screen equipment. This means that every person who works in an office and uses display screens for one hour or more is subject to a standard DSE assessment provided by their employer. Assessments for serious medical conditions should be provided by a qualified medical practitioner. The guidelines follow the government legislation created in 1992 and then amended in 2002.

How can I find out if my chairs are legally compliant?

There is one very important question you should be asking and that is if the chairs you provide your staff are legally compliant. The government has written the minimum requirements an office chair must meet, which can be found on the Government's Health and Safety Executive website under ‘Seating at Work’, and a standard DSE assessment can easily determine if your seating meets the legal requirements.

If you would like to book an ergonomic DSE assessment, unsure of which assessment is right for you or any questions regarding DSE, please call us on 020 7487 4730 or complete the form below. One of our qualified DSE consultants will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.