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Spring Sale

Online orders & deliveries are operating as normal. Please check our in-stock chairs. 

We are now taking appointments for showroom opening on 13/04/2021. Please book here.

All deliveries for desks will be drop off only. Please see in-stock desks.

Work From Home

Sometimes it is hard to get the right setup just changing either a desk or chair.

A lot of the times, users often purchase an ergonomic office chair and set it to the correct position, but find that the desk is too low or too high. Likewise, some often buy a height-adjustable desk, only to find that the chair setup will need to compromise and ruin the seating posture.

Back2 has selected the most popular ergonomic chairs, our best sit-stand desk and created the perfect office bundle that will be sure to allow you to work in a comfortable and correct posture.