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Mesh Office Chairs

Don’t let your back and neck suffer in silence!

Show them some much-needed love with our range of mesh office chairs!

Your office chairs will have the biggest impact on your comfort level throughout your office hours. A good chair will not only encourage you to sit in the right posture but it will also provide you with comfortable seating throughout the day, something that normal office chairs cannot provide. Furthermore, a good ergonomic office chair will also let you move freely within the office, a trait that is absolutely essential in the modern office environment, where you have to work with several departments at the same time.

Mesh office chairs provide a unique feel than the average upholstered chair. The suspension material gives a more responsive and softer touch. Another advantage is that it is more breathable than cushioned chairs, making it a better choice for workspaces with hotter temperature. They also require less maintenance than fabric chairs.

Back2 has a huge selection of mesh ergonomic office chairs that are designed to support your every need and keep you comfortable whilst working.


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  1. HAG SoFi 7500 Mesh Chair - Black

    HAG SoFi 7500 Mesh Chair - Black

    £809.28 £1,011.60

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  2. Okamura Portone Office Chair

    Okamura Portone Office Chair

    £328.99 £499.00

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