Online Consultation

We know how hard it is to order a chair without trying first. It is also difficult to find a retailer with a wide range of models, in case the one that you have in mind does not suit your needs.

At Back2, we want to help make the task of choosing a chair or desk simple and effective. That is why we have introduced our online consultation.

Our online consultation comprises either a 15 or 30 minutes video meeting to help discuss your needs and take you through some options. We can even show you some at the meeting to explain why we think it would work for you.

Our advisors have extensive product knowledge and insights on ergonomics that will guide you in the right direction.

Booking an appointment with us is simple; click on the book now button and follow the instructions. You can choose between Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams or provide us with a mobile phone number to contact you via WhatsApp.