Why get a DSE Assessment

It is hard to imagine our modern life without display screen equipment (DSE). From computer screens to TV screens, this kind of equipment has become so intimate to our daily life that work will surely become come to a stop if it were to disappear. However, display screen equipment isn’t necessarily your friend. Studies have extensively shown that DSE is linked to as much as 52% of headache cases, 58% of eye discomfort cases, and 47% of neck pain cases. Overusing display screen equipment may also be a factor in causing you many musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains, or even herniated discs.

Naturally, the first thing you might want to do is to get rid of your DSE altogether, but with most of our tasks tied into it, it’d be exceedingly difficult. Instead of looking for an extreme method, getting a DSE assessment is actually an effective and practical way to minimalize the adverse effects of display screen equipment, and here’s why.

Getting a DSE assessment helps you to become compliant with the government’s standards

It’s not well-known, but your display screen equipment actually has to be compliant to government’s standards, more specifically The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. As an employer, it is your job to ensure the health of your employees as they work on display screen equipment, and you can only do so by getting a DSE assessment. Failure to comply will result in legal issues if the local authority finds out, so it’s best to do this kind of assessment as soon as you start out your company.

Getting a DSE assessment is a great way to ensure your employees are healthy

Even if it were not regulated, DSE assessment should be among the first things that spring to mind when you set out to design your workplace. DSE assessments will help to identify the problems with display screen equipment that your workplace currently has, and the inspectors will also provide you with personalized advice. This is particularly useful in maintaining office health as a whole, as better and more efficient display screen equipment means that your employees will be defended from chronic conditions such as back pain, neck pain, or eye discomfort.

Getting a DSE assessment improves your employees’ performance

Your employees can only work if they are healthy. Back pain and other conditions seriously affect their morale and inhibit their ability to give the best they’ve got. Once you have given your office a good makeover, you will soon see a huge boost in office productivity as a whole.

A DSE assessment is a great way to not only be compliant to government’s standards but also boost your employees’ health and productivity. DSE assessment experts also work closely with special cases in your office to make sure that they get a personalized treatment just for them. With the right DSE assessment, your office will be a safe working environment where everyone can thrive. To book a DSE assessment, call us now for more information!