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What Your Office Chair Says About you?

by Back2

Posted on 6th November 2019

What Does Your Office Chair say About you?

Don’t underestimate the power of the chair! It is the very first thing people will notice when they first step into your workspace. Therefore, if they are going to make an opinion about you, it is the chair that will fire the first shot.

Are you the true boss at the office or an accountant? What will people think of you as soon as they see your chair? Find out right now in the list below!

Leather Executive Chair – The boss

BodyBilt E3507 BodyBilt E3507

You’re assertive, charismatic, and everyone in the office looks up to you. There’s no more question: You’re the boss, the ultimate diva of the office. Naturally, the best chairs are reserved for the highest member of the hierarchy, and that’s definitely you. A leather executive chair exudes power and luxury, even in faux leather variants. For this reason, if you want to look like a boss, and if you want to make sure everyone knows that too, this chair will make for the perfect first impression.

Mesh Chair – The Managers

Herman Miller Aeron Herman Miller Aeron

The managers sit directly below the boss, so naturally, they will also have a share of the boss’ glamour. Their office might be a little bit smaller and less intricately decorated as the boss, but they do have a nice one indeed. The mesh chair will be the office chair of choice for the managers. Even though they don’t look as powerful and imposing as a leather executive chair, the mesh chair still conveys a sense of modern elegance and hidden power.

Swivel Chair – The Accountants

Herman Miller Sayl Herman Miller Sayl

The accountants have to take care of the company’s finance, so they are a frugal bunch. They won’t spend a lot on such frivolity as chairs, so you can expect their chairs to satisfy only the barest minimum of comfort and aesthetics. A swivel chair is plain and simple, and even though they don’t really show much personality, the right swivel chair, just like the right accountants, will unveil some interesting corners if you can see through their ordinary look.

Office Chair on Wheels – The Executives

Okamura Portone Okamura Portone

The executives don’t get fancy offices, and they sometimes have to share their working space with others on a long table. This means they don’t get much say as to the kind of chair they use. Most executives will just be content with their typical office chair on wheels. Some might add a touch of personalization to stand out from the familiar crowd.

Office chairs have a huge impact on others’ first impressions of you the moment they meet you. However, office chairs aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. The right office chair, which utilizes ergonomic design, will help protect your posture and your back, keeping you comfortable and well-aligned throughout the workday. Good ergonomic chairs will also help to boost productivity by facilitating more movement and mobility in the office, allowing employees to exchange ideas without any hindrance. Looking for the right ergonomic chair for your needs? Call us now for more information!

Posted in on 6th November 2019 by Back2.