Pets in the Office and Productivity

Pets in the Office Promotes Productivity

Pets and workplaces don’t seem to go together. Most workplaces don’t allow workers to bring their pets for fear that they might be sources of distraction and of bacteria. While it’s true that some dogs and cats are rather hyperactive, which might cause a scene in some cases, pets in the office actually proven to promote productivity as a whole! Prepare to draft a proposal to the HR departments, because here are the reasons why having office pets will actually boost your productivity.

Reduced stress

Our four-legged friends are capable of many amazing feats, but perhaps the best thing that they can do is to reduce your stress. Whether it is a satisfying purr or exciting bark, pets can give you some really happy moments when your day starts to get rough. Even better, office pets’ effects on your mental health are actually backed by science! In 2012, a group of scientists from Virginia Commonwealth University conducted an experiment to test how having dogs affects employees. They split the test population into two groups, one with access to dogs at their workplace, and one without. The result was astonishing. The level of stress declined in the group with dogs and rose in the group without. So the conclusion is that having pets in your office will definitely brighten your days and make them much less stressful.

Facilitate communication between colleagues

Most people love pets, and there’s nothing that will draw people’s attention more than an acute or silly moment from pets. These moments of gathering around the pets to play with are actually quite helpful in promoting interoffice communication. Everyone is relaxed, so this might be the perfect time to discuss that difficult project you have been working on with your boss and ask for help. Chances are that they will be much more likely to respond positively.

Save you a lot of healthcare cost

It’s hard to believe, but bringing your pets to the office is actually beneficial to your physical health as well. Walking your dog to the office will give you the exercise you need to stay one step away from obesity. In research done by The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative, as much as $11.7 billion is saved yearly just by owning a pet. The same study also found that pet owners also visit doctors much less. So there’s no reason why you should not bring your furry friends to work!

Bringing your pets to the office can boost your productivity immensely and keep you away from many chronic diseases. However, it is important to remember that the pets must not disturb serious discussions. If your pets have a history of being hyperactive, you shouldn’t bring them to work. Also, pets’ hygiene is important, so make sure to give them a bath and potty train them beforehand.

Finally, because some people might be allergic to feline hairs, consult your colleagues before bringing your pets to work. This makes sure everyone has a lovely experience.