When it comes to Ergonomics and suitable office chairs, we know that one size doesn't fit all. Most  adjustable office chairs feature a range of adjustment - for example the seat can expand a few inches, the armrest can move up and down to meet your elbow and more.

Unfortunately, even a highly adjustable office chair may not be suitable for the bigger or smaller user. Luckily, there are some specific models which can target the need for smaller or larger dimensions.

In this post we're going to target the question of what office chairs for petite users are available on the market. Whilst we always recommend physically trying the chair before making a final decision, these should give an indication of what to look for when initiating the selection process.

What to look for: office chairs for petite people usually feature lower gas lifts, which allows the seat to lower to a suitable height, so the feet can rest firmly on the floor. Some models also offer rotating armrests, for the petite users who also have a smaller frame. Shorter seats and lower backrests can also appear on petite office chairs.

Herman Miller Sayl chair

A very low seating height can be achieved with the Herman Miller Sayl chair when the gas lift is all the way down. At 40.6 cm, the seat should be sufficiently low for a petite user. The fully specified model also features 4D arms, whereby the armrest top rotates inward to meet the user if needed.

Ergochair Adapt 200

A similarly low seat height can be achieved with the Ergochair Adapt 200, which starts at 41 cm. The chair is suitable for user heights from 120 cm.  This chair is highly customisable and one to bear in mind especially if the user suffers from musculoskeletal disorders.

HAG Capisco Puls 8010

For the active and dynamic user who perhaps uses a sit-stand desk and would like to maintain a healthy good posture, the HAG Capisco chair is sufficiently minimal as to not create any issues in terms of the seat being exceedingly long or the backrest being too wide. When combined with a 150 mm gas lift, the seat can go surprisingly low: 38 cm. In this way, the HAG Capisco is suitable for the younger users too.

Bodybilt J2407

The BodyBilt J2407 offers a 44 cm low seat height and a compact backrest - what makes this chair different is the gently contoured seat which places the user in ergonomic posture for great comfort.

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