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Ergonomic Children's Desks - Why They Matter

by Back2

Posted on 12th July 2018

Even before the phrase "sitting is the new smoking" became a popular headline, we were all too familiar with the aches and pains of sitting at a desk all day; perhaps we just weren't aware that sitting in itself was the causing our discomfort. When awareness kicked in, sit-stand desks and other ergonomic accessories became a normal sight in the office and part of the household.


Surely -you may wonder- kids don't have these problems? Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle means that children and young adults are also spending an increasing amount of time sitting down, both in school and at home. While it is important to ensure youngsters are getting their daily dose of physical activity it is also important to ensure that when they are sitting they are not damaging their posture and that they are allowed the correct amount of flexibility, ergonomics and of course, safety.


Poor posture in the childhood and teenage years can cause a range of long-term issues, including abnormal bone growth, abnormal breathing, poor circulation, digestive issues, headaches and back and neck pain. While we certainly want to prevent these tangible issues we also want to educate children and get them used to sitting correctly from a young age.

Children's desks - Moll Champion

The Five Qualities of Ergonomic Children's Desks:

1- Adjustability. Your child grows every month, every year. Their clothes, shoes, bike, food portions etc. change as well, so it is not unreasonable to expect their working space to adapt to these changes. Considering the amount of time a child spends sitting down, you wouldn't want them to be constantly slouching or arching their shoulders if the desk is too high or too low. You wouldn't want them to sit with their feet dangling either, as this can compromise blood flow and cause unnecessary pressure in the legs in the long run. The minimum adjustment an ergonomic desk should have is the height adjustment. This can be manual or automatic and it will ensure that the desk follows your child's growth until they are fully grown.


2- Space. It is important to allow a certain degree of movement. Whether a child is sitting or standing at their desk there should be a certain amount of "wiggle room" with enough width space to comfortably fit the chair base and allow for a little step if the child is standing and/or shifting their weight. The desk surface should also be wide and deep enough to allow a correct set-up of the easy reach zone.


3- Hard-Wearing. If we expect an ergonomic desk to follow your child's growth throughout the years, then it is of paramount importance that the materials, assembly and overall structure are able to withstand the rigours and wear and tear caused by a child's daily use.


4- Safety. Children can be very creative in the way they utilise furniture, which in turn needs to be child-proof and meet all local regulations to ensure maximum quality and safety.


5- Modularity. Good children's desks can be expanded, added to and customised. Starting from a basic desk there is a possibility to add accessories such as drawers, side attachments and shelves. Versatility and customisation ensure freedom and usefulness throughout the children's desks' lifespan.


Our Recommendation

By this point you may be wondering if an ergonomic children's desk possessing all of these qualities does exist. At Back2 we have been selling adjustable children's desks for many years. The Champion desk by Moll Funktion is height adjustable and offers a choice of three different tilting table tops. The desk is also child-proof, meaning that there are no dangerous gaps between the panels and the adjusting mechanism can be locked for safety. The colours on the legs and accessory details can be customised. In addition, several accessories can be added and retro-fitted to the desk, including the Flexdeck, Multideck, side panel, storage boxes, cable management etc. This means that when your child grows and needs more space for further equipment on the desk, you won't need to buy a different desk.

Moll furniture is available in our showroom and online. Don't hesitate to discuss any queries with one of our expert advisers .

Posted in on 12th July 2018 by Back2.