Brand Focus: Flokk

Brand Focus Flokk

Modern furniture design has really gone a long way. New furniture models are not only sleeker, more beautiful, but also much more ergonomic. Traditional furniture may look impressive and imposing, but since they are not designed to be ergonomic, using them might not be beneficial for your health in the long run. Ergonomic furniture is not only designed to look good but also highly functional and healthy. They allow you to effortlessly work hours after hours at the office without feeling tired.

Among one of the most famous ergonomic furniture brands in the market right now is Flokk. A Scandinavian brand with a deep history and revolutionary design philosophy. Today’s brand focus will be on this company and its exciting products!

Brand history

Flokk is not an old brand, but its story goes back a long way. It all started with the formation of the furniture brand HÅG in Norway. This is one of three brands that make up Flokk later on, in 1943. RBM and RH were respectively established later in 1975 and 1978. In 2007, the three brands decided to unite their Scandinavian know-how on the art of furniture-making and joined forces to found Flokk, a new venture that could spark a revolution in modern furniture design. Later on, more famous brands joined them, and Flokk became a melting pot of many different styles of furniture, further enriching the brand’s diverse products.

Brand philosophy

[caption id="attachment_2626" align="aligncenter" width="840"] Pictures of the Flokk stand at SFF 2019, by Jonas Anhede[/caption]

At the heart of the brand lies creativity. For Flokk, creativity is the key to unlocking new design concepts that aim to change the world. The brand emphasizes on the concept of inspiring great work. Meaning to be at the forefront of designing perfect furniture pieces for their customers. The brand takes great care to ensure that their products deliver not only ergonomic benefits to its customers but also a beautiful design that can stay in vogue for years. To accomplish this, they have taken steps to follow a human-centred and deep-design thinking approach.

Since Flokk includes a wide range of other brands, diversity is also one of the brand’s selling points. There are so many brands in different shapes and styles that there will always be something that catches your interest, unlike other brands which opt to cater to their niches, for the most part.

Flokk is also an environmentally friendly brand. They work tirelessly to ensure that the production process produces as little waste as possible and that their finished products are built to last for years, reducing the needs to buy replacements should your furniture pieces become damaged. For these efforts to keep their products environmentally friendly, the brand has been praised by organisations around the world, and one of their chairs has received the Swan Nordic eco-label, being the only working chair in the world to do so.

Why Choose Flokk?

All in all, Flokk is a great brand to start if you are new to the world of ergonomic accessories. Its vast inventory means that you will find something that suits your need in no time. One of Flokk’s latest creations is the RH Logic. This is a great design that helps you stay comfortable even if you have to sit through hours.

Flokk has a wide range of chairs that are designed to suit all body type. Check out HAG, RH, RBM and BMA.