Do you need a new office chair? Are you searching for the perfect gaming chair? Is your current chair giving you pack pain? Time to get an ergonomic chair. At Back2, we offer a wide range of office chairs and office furniture in London, from Herman Miller chairs to basic office chairs. So, if you are searching for the right chair, search no further. We understand that browsing for the perfect chair without any professional advice might be a challenge. To help you pick the right chair, our experts have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need further advice, feel free to contact our team.

What is the best chair?

The best chair for you won't be the best chair for another customer. The best chair for you will depend on your proportions (including weight and height), your built, the height of your desk and any issues or conditions you might have. We recommend speaking to one of our ergonomic chair specialists who are happy to help you find the best chair to suit your needs. Give us a call on 020 7935 0351 and we will help you narrow down your chair options. We will be able to discuss your requirements and put together some models for you to choose from.

HAG Capisco 8106 Chair Paloma White Leather

Do the chairs come with a warranty?

Our chairs come with a manufacturer warranty, which is usually 5 to 12 years.

If you've had an issue with one of our chairs, please email us with:

  • Picture of the label of the chair
  • Proof of order

How quick can you deliver your chairs?

We are proud to say that 95% of the chairs in stock will be delivered within a week.

Chairs that have been ordered from stock can be delivered within 3 days of purchase (if your delivery location is within 50 miles of London). In case you are located outside this area, the delivery has to be done through a courier which might take 5 to 10 days. Custom orders can take 4 to 16 weeks.

Humanscale Freedom Headrest - Charcoal Ticino Leather w/ Polished Frame

Can I return a chair?

Yes, in stock chairs can be returned. Please return your chair within 14 days. We can collect your chair (limited to location) but it will cost a fee.

Why are your chairs so expensive?

The price of our ergonomic chairs reflects on the high quality of the chairs we stock. At Back2, we offer high-quality chairs made by leading manufacturers. Plus, our chairs come with a long warranty period and a wide range of features.

Herman Miller Sayl

Do you assemble chairs?

Unless you require the chair inside the box or are located outside of the reach of our delivery team, our chairs will be delivered already assembled. If you are located within reach of our delivery team, we will deliver fully built chairs inside the manufacturer’s plastic bag. Chairs are built the day before delivery in our London warehouse, where we test them to ensure they are in perfect working condition. In case you require your chair inside the box, contact our team when placing the order.