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Developed in 1977 in Sweden, an office worker called Rolf Holstensson, noticed how uncomfortable it was to sit at a desk for so long. He also noticed that his colleagues were suffering just as he was and began his venture into the world of ergonomic furniture. He created RH with the goal to create chairs that improved posture and worked with the body rather than against it.

His company then went on to develop a new technology called 2PP that is based on the philosophies behind ‘active sitting’ and good posture. 2PP, which is short for 2-Point Principal, means that there is a wider variation of movement focused around 2 points of the body – the hips and the knees.

If you are eco conscious, RH furniture is also made with environmental consideration obtaining various environmental certificates from Greenguard, EPD, LEED and more. With their green focus and design originality, RH chairs are a great go to in ergonomic chairs.

The RH brand is part of Flokk, originally founded in 2007 under the name Scandinavian Business Seating. Flokk is now the leading Scandinavian brand of office seating and office furniture with over 650 employees.

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