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The main benefits of Orthopaedic Mattresses

by Back2

Posted on 28th January 2013

What is an “orthopaedic” mattress? It’s difficult or impossible to find a meaningful definition on the Web. The general definition is “a mattress which supports the back, joints, and overall body”. This could apply to any mattress, and probably does. But a mattress which one person finds comfortable doesn’t necessarily suit a person with a different build and weight. If that was the case there wouldn’t be such a wide selection of mattresses. We use the definition to mean “a quality mattress which supports the body properly and comfortably”. After that, it is a personal choice.

Orthopaedic Mattresses can make a huge difference to the lives of people who suffer not only from back pain but the general aches and pains associated with a whole host of conditions. Before you decide to splash on a new mattress, it’s important to weigh up the benefits of investing in an orthopaedic mattress. People often have pre-conceived ideas that these specialist mattresses are suited to those who suffer from a bad back or have unpleasant aches and pains, this is not strictly true. Orthopaedic mattresses and orthopaedic chairs can help you to maintain a good posture and therefore act as a good preventer of future problems.

Here are some of the main benefits of using an Orthopaedic mattress.

1. Orthopaedic Mattresses promote better sleep:

Clinical research reveals that those who sleep on a mattress that provides extra support for their back and joints enjoy increased quality and length of sleep. Many report that the disturbed sleep they may have suffered on a standard mattress disappears quite quickly with a more specialist mattress.

2. You will enjoy increased support and comfort:

At Back 2, our entire range is bought with your comfort as the number one priority, regardless of your body shape or weight. Most of our mattresses are well ventilated and have covers made of special fabrics. Their interiors vary from natural latex to visco elastic foam.

3. Increased Life Expectancy:

A standard mattress has an average life span of around 5-10 years dependent on the quality of the mattress and the extent of its use. Orthopaedic mattresses tend to out-live standard mattresses, so although they can seem a little pricey, in the long run they can end up costing you less as you get more years for your money.

4. The Reduction in aches and pains experienced are significant:

Research suggests that over 60% of people wake up in the morning with some form of back pain. The strains of modern living are a huge contributor to this statistic. The use of Orthopaedic mattresses, Orthopaedic chairs, sit-stand desks and any such posture aids have proven to significantly reduce and prevent aches and pains. It could even be the mattress or a chair that you are using is the source of the discomfort

Back 2 highly recommend that you review the types of chairs you’re sitting in, your mattress, and your general posture and lifestyle, to help ensure you enjoy a more comfortable and pain free life. Why not take a look at our product range and some of our other useful advice articles. Sleep better with Back 2 Orthopaedic mattresses.

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Posted in on 28th January 2013 by Back2.