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M Line mattress user wins Olympic Gold Medal.

by Back2

Posted on 28th January 2013

Congratulations to Epke Jan Zonderland the Dutch gymnast who won a gold medal on the high bar at the 2012 London Olympics. Not surprisingly Epke's nickname is "The Flying Dutchman".

Dutch Gymnast and M Line mattress enthusiast Epke Zonderland won the Gold medal in the Mens High Bar at London Olympics 2012, he scored an astonishing 16.533 points to secure the first ever Gold for the Netherlands in this event. Epke’s routine made ​​the difference with its high degree of difficulty. Its unique combination of flight elements - the Cassina / Kovacs / Kolman – gave him an edge over his competitors. Epke Zonderland on the High Bar at the London Olympics
 Epke Zonderland with his London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Epke who was plagued by shoulder and back injuries used his M Line mattress to aid his recovery and to recuperate after peak performance.Epke stated:

"A good night's rest is very important to recover from the day before. Before I always had shoulder problems because of the burden of gymnastics, but since I have slept on my M Line bed I wake up less stiff and I haven’t had any problems. Also in the Olympics 2012 I brought my M Line topper mattress, so it felt like home."

M Line, the luxury bed and mattress brand from Holland has just launched in the UK. M Line have taken the best materials and technologies available and combined them into a mattress that provides you with a fantastic nights' sleep, helping your body recover from the days' stresses and strains.
M Line mattresses mould to the contours of your body to provide optimum pressure relief. The excellent ventilation allows airflow and prevents you from feeling hot. Zoned comfort areas support your body where you need it most. Recommended by physiotherapists, M Line is ideal for neck and back pain sufferers, as well as those looking for a really comfortable bed.  M Line Mattress
Many top athletes sleep on M Line, because top athletes are always looking for the latest developments that can give that extra edge. A finely tuned sleeping position contributes to better and faster recovery of body and mind. The Dutch Olympic association and the Barcelona FC training centre also use M Line mattresses and pillows to help their performance and recovery.

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Jan Zonderland features in the M Line mattress video.

Posted in on 28th January 2013 by Back2.