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Panasonic EP-MA59 Reclining Massage Chair
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Panasonic EP-MA59 Reclining Massage Chair

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Panasonic EP-MA59 Reclining Massage Chair is part of the new generation of massage chair that combines full body massage with pressure relieving recline functionality.

Panasonic EP-MA59 Reclining Massage Chair comes with automatic and voice guide systems. Works as a relaxation and ergonomic seat, with a luxurious aesthetic.

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Reclining – the chair allows for a full relaxation recline even prior to when the massage has even begun. The chair can be used as a recliner alone due to the maximum comfort design, soft leather and with lumbar support. The leg rest can be changed accordingly to enhance or decrease the reclining position.

Control Panel
– in order to easily adjust the settings there is a movable control panel to clearly and easily select options. There are memory settings for up to 4 users including adjustment options to raise/lower, intensify/reduce the massage mechanisms within the chair.

Air Massage – the air massage has been inbuilt to give a firm yet sensitive experience in localised areas. Airbags are located in the calf, thigh, hip, feet and hand area. With special massage bumps that especially increase blood flow in the feet and hand areas that are inclined to poor circulation.

Personalised Settings – there are various changes that can be altered to suit different specifications including the shoulder unit position. There are also automatic body sensors that ‘scan’ the contours of the body in order to give a thorough massage. All massage options can be adjusted to intensity settings in the upper/lower body hands and arms.

Massage Programs - The various types of manual operation massage include; knead, ultra-knead, tap, stretch, full roll and grasp. There are also 4 automatic pre-programs within the chair including:
- Shiatsu
- Deep
- Swedish
- Stretch
 - Quick

Some of the pre-programs options are also available in manual operation such as Shiatsu and Swedish. Due to the diversity of options, there is a higher chance of finding the appropriate remedy for different stress-related muscle tension.

Selectable Massage – there is a wide range of possible massage routines including upper body massage, thumb with palm and fist actions. It is possible to manually select which area should be focused on by the chair by selecting options on the control panel, some of the areas include; the shoulder and hip, foot and calf.

Self-Programming – the settings within the chair are designed for bespoke muscle requirements. Therefore there is a memory based system that can be accessed via 4 simple buttons to give a tailored massage for specific and personal needs.

Voice Guide – a spoken voice guides you through each massage system. This means there is a chance to differentiate between each massage routine as the programs go along.


Brand Panasonic
Operation Remote Control
Warranty 2 Years
Product Weight 83kg
Weight Limit 120kg
Height 120cm
Width 84cm
Depth 129cm / 195cm (reclined)
Distance to Wall 40cm
Backrest Recline Angle 120 - 170°
Seat Width 52.5cm
Seat Depth 36cm


Manual options – the variety of options is what makes the Panasonic so customisable catering to all so there’s something for everyone. There is a large selection of buttons, to get a better understanding of how versatile the options are some have been listed below:
- Repeat
- Style (including thumb, palm and fist-like actions)
- Speed (1-5)
- Back Intensity (low, middle high and 1-5)
- Position (up, down, inwards, outwards)

- Adjustable Leg Length by the easy pull of a lever the leg height can be adjusted according to leg length.

- Movable Footrest the footrest can move easily by a swinging motion by pushing in with the balls of the feet, and by flattening the feet the rest supports the sole of the foot.

- Adjustable Voice Tone the guided voice can be adjusted to loud, medium (default), soft and off.

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