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Okamura Cruise Workstation
£ 3,528.50 New Available online

Okamura Cruise Workstation

SKU: 120117

Okamura Cruise Workstation comprises Cruise Chair, Cruise Desk and Adjustable Monitor Arm. Also available is an optional Cruise Workstation Screen.

Computer-intensive work is shifting toward tasks that involve long periods of thinking while looking at the monitor. Until recently, computer work mainly involved inputting data while looking down at paperwork and the keyboard. Working posture in this new mode of computer-oriented work tends to tilt the upper body away from the monitor in an effort to find the best angle and distance from it.

Okamura focused on this to develop a posture ideal not only for working but thinking as well. The low-seat, rear-tilt keeps the body relaxed and makes it possible to concentrate many more hours compared to sitting in other chairs. Compared to the old upright sitting posture, the low-seat, rear-tilt posture is a major step forward.

Free ergonomic set-up of the chair by qualified DSE assessors is available upon delivery inside the M25.

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Okamura Cruise Workstation
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As the business environment changes so does seating posture

From work posture to thinking posture, effective creative thinking needs not only a relaxed and comfortable brain but also a relaxed, comfortable body.

What is the most comfortable work posture now that many of us are spending more of our time working at a computer?

Human body engineering research provides an answer to that question with the relaxed working style achieved by the utterly unique "low-seat, rear tilt" concept.

An all new seating style for intelligent and creative thinking from Okamura, "low seat, rear-tilt" is the style for professionals who are the business world's next generation of movers and shakers.

The comfortable seat and back position is the result of extensive research

The low-seat, rear-tilt posture is the result of doing research on how people actually work in front of computers.

Okamura’s exclusively developed low-seat, rear-tilt posture places the seat in a low position and sharply tilts the body back to reduces stress on the body even when working several hours before a computer.

Since this posture was developed based on research on how people actually work in front of computers it provides comfort that past posture systems were unable to achieve.

Even after several hours the low-seat, rear-tilt posture keeps you relaxed

The low-seat, rear-tilt concept was formulated through collaborative research with human body engineering advocate and Keio University Department of Science and Technology Professor Nobutoshi Yamazaki.

The low-seat, rear-tilt posture is the result of accumulated experiments using chairs, desks and other equipment in a variety of shapes.

In an article on the BBC's website in 2006, Levent Caglar from the charity BackCare is quoted as saying "As to what is the best angle between thigh and torso when seated, reclining at 135 degrees can make sitting more difficult as there is a tendency to slide off the seat: 120 degrees or less may be better.". The Okamura Cruise Workstation chair can recline to 113 degrees.

Low stress on the body also minimizes changing posture

The low-seat, rear-tilt posture keeps the body relaxed and makes it possible to concentrate many more hours compared to sitting in other chairs. Compared to the upright sitting posture, the low-seat, rear-tilt is a major step forward.

Rear-tilt disperses body weight, while the Low-seat reduces swelling

The changes that occur in the body also clearly show the reduced stress achieved by the low-seat, rear-tilt posture.

The dispersion of pressure received from the back and the seat of the ergonomic office chair means that the body is supported over a wider area.

Reduced leg swelling is a result of bringing the height of the heart and legs closer together so that blood circulates more easily.


Brand Okamura
Boxed Weight Main table top: 26kg
Sub table top: 7kg
Legs: 9kg
Cruise chair: 24.3kg
Box Dimension Main table top: 120cm x 103cm x 17cm
Sub table top: 112cm x 43cm x 6cm
Legs: 5cm x 83cm x 62cm
Cruise chair: 79cm x 72cm x 93cm

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i own one and would strongly recommend it.

the build quality is first class. the table that you put your keyboard on is actually hydraulic and can be tilted horizontally and vertically. it can also take a lot of weight, being hydraulic. you can have it tilted like in the picture or flat like a standard desk.

it comes with good cable management. the rear table for the screen is also height adjustable. the best way to sit is with the chair at the lowest height and with the back all the way tilted back, and the desk height just comfortable enough for you to rest your hands on for the keyboard. it's meant to be a fairly low down setup.

for me, there are 2 things i will not be without: this desk and my foam mattress. unless something better comes along.
Review by luca / (Posted on 29/02/2012)