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Moll T7 Electric Desk - Oak or Walnut
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Moll T7 Electric Desk - Oak or Walnut

SKU: 109234

The Moll T7 Electric Height Adjustable Desk effortlessly integrates into any environment, yet remains striking. This makes it the ideal desk for small people of any age and for very tall and big adults too. Whether warm and homey or cool and businesslike, the moll T7 is impressive for its many features and functionalities:

  • It offers ergonomics for every body size. T7 is the only desk that covers the entire height range from 56 to 118 cm, which can be extended with an additional 10 cm adapter. It's not only a desk for growing little ones but also a great sit-stand desk for adults.
  • With the electric-powered motor, T7 desk is easy to use and the ideal posture for any activity is always guaranteed. The height adjustment is a two-handed operation and can be locked; the motor stops immediately if there is resistance. 
  • It is mobile thanks to the castors integrated into its leg runners, and its height-levelling function makes it usable even on uneven floors. 

The Moll T7 desk is designed beautifully and timelessly. It receives variability with its interchangeable colour inlays and container faces. The character of the desk and container can be adapted at any time to current colour trends and personal preferences. The T7 desk won a Red Dot design award in 2016.

The 2018 updated version of the Moll T7 Sit-Stand desk now comes with the following features:

  • Feet and runners completely white.
  • Desktop now 1.4cm thick for added stability.
  • Power Management now comes included, with a pull-out mechanism and magnetic closure instead of a sliding runner.
  • Cable management on the inside of the foot rail.

Please note that as this particular product takes more labour, please contact us on 020 7935 0351 for delivery charges and installation before ordering. 


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T7 Standard size (115cm Width)


T7 XL (150cm Width)




Light Blue


Height Adapter







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6 - 8 weeks

An ergonomic experience will not be considered whole without an ergonomic desk! Traditional desks will give you sore and discomfort after prolonged use, and it’s not very mobile to complete tasks on these desks. The Moll T7 Electric Desk will be the perfect solution for a modern office environment.

Coming from Moll, the brand behind some of the most ingenious height-adjustable desks on the field, Moll T7 Electric Desk is an award-winning desk which brings you the ultimate sitting experience. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016 and the German Design Award 2018, this desk integrates height-adjusting motors on its legs, giving it the capability to change its height from 56 to 118cmn within just a touch of a button. Thanks to this function, you can work either while standing or sitting without feeling awkward at all, making this chair the perfect addition to an ergonomic office environment.

The XL version features a table length of 150cm and the standard 115cm, giving you much more space to complete your tasks effortlessly and fluidly. It also comes with a highly-organized front drawer where you can sort your storage easily, and it will open with just a simple push of a button!

Moll is probably more famous for its iconic children’s furniture, but for Moll T7 Electric Desk, the brand has simply created an amazing product that both adults and children can enjoy.


  • Height-adjustable design
  • Configuration to change from one-handed to two-handed operation for safety
  • Built-in power outlets and cable drawer in the back of the desk
  • Giant front drawer with a push-to-open function to store paperwork, stationery, etc
  • Option between standard or XL size, walnut or oak.

Available for delivery in 1-3 days within 50 miles of London. Orders outside of the M25 may take longer. Additional delivery charges apply for orders to Scotland, please call us on 020 3475 5317 for a quote.

Please note that as this particular product takes more labour, please contact us on 020 7935 0351 for delivery charges and installation before ordering. 

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Moll T7 Electric Desk - Oak or Walnut
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moll t7 drawer

The moll T7’s drawer has a push-to-open function and offers room for everything that is needed for the desk, but not always needed on the desk.

moll t7 power management

Refined to the very detail: The Moll T7 now comes as standard with the power management that provides an easy access and functional hub for all your electrical equipment,

moll t7 height adjustment

With the touch of a button, the moll T7 adjusts to the height that is right for the user and the activity. This makes the moll T7 comfortable and ergonomic for adults of different shapes and sizes.


Brand Moll
Warranty 5 years
Height 56cm - 118cm
Width Standard: 115cm
XL: 150cm
Depth 75 cm


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