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Moll Rotafile Multifile 80
£ 366.00 New Available online

Moll Rotafile Multifile 80

SKU: 109122
Moll Rotafile Multifile 80 rotary filing and storage systems require less floor space and wall space than standard shelving with the same storage capacity. This is thanks to the fact that less distance needs to be covered to access the files, and that the files themselves take up less floor space.

Moll Rotafile Multifile 80 compact round storage system for files makes it possible to more effectively utilise office and filing space. Moll archiving furniture adds storage space, but in a smaller area.

Those who wish to plan their office space - such that it will be ready for the future - should give consideration to efficient storage space planning and file organisation systems like the Moll Rotafile Multifile 80.

Moll Rotafile Multifile 80 rotary filing system makes it possible to gain up to 70% more free space while your office and archive lends itself to a well laid out and appealing design.

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Moll Rotafile Multifile 80
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  • 80 cm diameter, also available with a larger diameter of 93 cm, for details - click here
  • Each level can be individually rotated
  • Sturdy 5 star base
  • The sturdy base guarantees optimal stability of each column, with fine height adjustment for uneven floors
  • Made with resin coated melamine chipboard in Graphite
  • The central tube has holes throughout the length to allow for variable level heights
  • Levels have raised edges, and locating ring to ensure that binders remain securely in place
  • The side of each level comes with sturdy handles, in high-quality aluminium finish
  • Capacity of each level is approx 24 binders per level
  • Maximum load per level is 75 kg


rotafile sizes

rotafile castors
Set of 5 Castors

For mobile use of the rotating column. They can be retrofitted, but raises the column by 7 cm Note: only to be used for a max. height of 135 cm

Orgaset for 1 level

Storage capacity: a maximum of 120 vertical files per level, The shelf quarter can be subdivided with four separators in order to stabilise the media being stored.

cd unit
CD Unit for 1/4 level

Storage capacity: a maximum of 50 CDs per CD unit Designed utilising tempered spring steel in conjunction with aluminium and high-quality plastic

quick shelf
Quick Shelf Pull-out Worktop

Fits to the rotating column. Colour: graphite

Chrome Railing

The chrome railings to attach to the outer edges of the levels, so that even small items can be stored safely.

additinal level
Additional Level Without Tube

This adds an additional level WITHOUT adding extra height to the unit

databox a
Databox A

The are large stackable plastic boxes, they come as a set of 2. Perfect for books, binders, magazines etc as you can easily see and find them.

databox b
Databox B

The are large stackable plastic boxes, they come as a set of 2. Perfect for books, binders, magazines etc as you can easily see and find them. It has an aluminium divider which helps to stop files falling over, but it can also be removed to fit more files in. There is also a slide in panel at the front to also help hold things in place which has changeable coloured strips.



This versatile storage is not only for binders (patient files, patents, personal files, accounting), but also items (such as DVD‘s or CD‘s for example), storage containers, bottles, cans and much more. The product is extremely practical to store things from a garage or utility room, and many other items.


This flexible rotating column offers perfect, spacesaving storage of all sorts of items. The level heights can be adjusted to suit requirements. Stored goods of any shape and size can be stored neatly and with ease.

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