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M Line Athletic Pillow
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M Line Athletic Pillow

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M Line Athletic Pillow meets the needs of the most demanding consumer. It has a butterfly shape which ensures that your head remains in the centre of the pillow and cradles your neck while you sleep.

A recess for your neck leaves it free, thus relieving the nerves and ensuring an unobstructed blood flow. The recess also prevents your head from falling to one side when you are fully relaxed.

In addition, this ensures that pressure on the neck is avoided. People with neck complaints especially, obtain a lot of relief from this pillow.

The long sides of the M Line Athletic Pillow are different heights, making the one pillow suitable for both broad shouldered and narrow shouldered people.

The final innovation of this orthopaedic pillow is a hole in the centre that reduces the pressure on the eardrum and thus prevents damage to this vital organ of balance. The cover is washable.

Condition: New In stock

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  • Funnel-shaped recess for stable position
  • Shoulder recess; optimum support for the head allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely.
  • Neck groove leaves the neck free for optimum blood circulation to the head.
  • Ear recess allowing the ear to rest comfortably preventing cartilage problems.
  • A high and a low side for different users.


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