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Herman Miller Abak Office Systems Furniture
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Herman Miller Abak Office Systems Furniture

SKU: 100112

Herman Miller Abak Office Systems Furniture is a high-performance desking system capable of numerous applications.

It can be used for anything from a basic, stand-alone desk to a performance wall that support collaboration in human-centered work spaces.

The Abak Office System looks as smart as it works. The slender profile and translucent and reflective materials allow a consistently elegant and contemporary look.

Understated Elegance

Abak has strong horizontals, versatile shapes, and a slim, modern profile.

The trim lines and light scale of Abak components let the interior architecture take center stage.

Elegant detailing in the way components meet and materials blend gives Abak its refined appearance.

Translucent and reflective materials make the surrounding space feel larger and more open.

Surfaces are available in six laminates and eight veneers.

Condition: New In stock

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Simple Versatility

  • Sturdy twin beams connect at 90 or 120 degrees;
  • Legs attach to the beams;
  • Beams support work surfaces, screens, and the performance wall.
  • Surfaces and screens can be attached at any point along the performance wall or beam.

This simple veratility with a broad array of simple, totally nonmodular components. lets you create all kinds of configurations -

  • open-plan environments,
  • meeting areas,
  • private offices
  • freestanding desks,
  • linear arrangements,
  • meeting tables, or
  • spine-walls

Configurations are easy to specify and install.

Disability Access:

Height adjustable workstations were traditionally used in I.T. Suites, Control Centres and such like, but with the mandatory DDA regulations affecting disabled workers now being taken into consideration, more and more people are looking to adjustable workstations.

Design Features

It is a design objective to make the product less costly to own over its lifespan.

It takes less time to install and reconfigure, using the minimum number of components possible, and has been designed to allow for low-cost product refresh.

Many of the cost savings come from the intelligent beam system. All items connect to the beam, so they are easy to connect and disconnect time and time again. For example, screens and wire management connect to the beams, so wiring can take place easily at installation time prior to work surfaces being installed.

When the product is clustered, the beams connect together enabling the elimination of legs and brackets.

Work surfaces are designed to be smaller, enabling easy handling, and have a quick- release mechanism that allows them to be attached or disconnected quickly from the beams.

Screen blankets mean that refreshing screens is simple and low cost, no reupholstering or cleaning is required.

It has been made as ‘future-proof’ as possible to changes in layout and design. Key multifunctional components ensure a minimum number of redundant parts when change does occur.

Screen brackets are the same as brackets for other items, so can be reused even if the function changes. The hinged beam connector allows for change of planning style with re-use of all the understructure. Example: client changes from 120°planning to benching. The leg block is the same, regardless of leg style and angle.

Worksurfaces can be adjusted for height by the user or facility management.

Screening is height-adjustable, stackable, and can incorporate digital imaging.

Elements that slide along the beam include screens, support work surfaces and storage boxes, providing the ability to adjust privacy, technology or storage easily and quickly.

Height Adjustable Desk Tops

Pin Height Adjustable - (65 – 85 cm high)
  • Pin adjustable desks give a method of cheaply height adjustment flexibility for multi-user or shared desks
  • Easily managed by either facility team or user
Crank Height Adjustable - (65 – 85 cm, 1.25 cm increments)
  • Crank desks give height adjustment flexibility for multi-user or shared desks
  • Easily managed by either facility team or user with a removable crank handle<
Sit-Stand, Electric Height Adjustable - 65 – 125 cm
  • Relief for back and neck pain or discomfort – being able to stand and changing working position regularly, helps to prevent back problems as spinal discs are able to compress and decompress allowing nutrition to disc
  • Allows different sets of muscles to be used, reduces muscle pressure
  • Allows better blood circulation reducing the build up fatigue
  • Sit-Stand desks give height adjustment flexibility for multi-user or shared desks. The electric motor driven height adjustment make desks ideal for tall or short people as well as wheelchair users


This has been designed to last, so comes with a 12 year guarantee


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