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Haider BioSwing 560 iQ S Chair
£ 1,599.00 New Available online


Haider BioSwing 560 iQ S Chair

SKU: 107114

Haider BioSwing 560 iQ S Chair is a highly engineered ergonomic office chair, designed and built in Germany. Haider BioSwing utilises 3D Seat Technology to optimise your sitting experience with the TrainBackMartic systems, designed to automatically synchronises seat and backrest, including back pressure adjustment setting. 

Haider BioSwing backrest, lumbar support, seat height, seat depth, seat tilt and armrests can all be configured to fit your body perfectly.

  • HAIDER BIOSWING® 3D Seat Technology
  • TrainBackMatic, automatically synchronises seat and backrest, including back pressure adjustment setting, level 50 to 150 kg
  • Ergonomically designed backrest (60 cm), height-adjustable, individually adjustable up to a back angle of 39° or by permanent contact mechanism
  • Lumbar support, individually adjustable curvature
  • Headrest height and tilt adjustable
  • Seat height individually adjustable from 50 to 63 cm
  • Seat depth adjustable with slide 46 to 52 cm
  • Seat tilt individually adjustable or with permanent contact mechanism
  • Armrests, black, PUR soft, depth, width, height and angle adjustable (4D)
  • Five-star base, 65 cm, polished aluminium
  • Wheels aluminium-chrome, 6 cm, soft
  • Fabric PG-B, X-treme, black YS 009

Available for delivery in 6-8 weeks within 50 miles of London.

Free ergonomic set-up of the chair by qualified DSE assessors is available upon delivery inside the M25.

Condition: New In stock

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HAIDER BIOSWING® is the world’s only interactive office chair. For every movement made by its user, it initiates a counter- movement. In this way, HAIDER BIOSWING® trains the musculature and parts of the nervous system involved in maintaining posture whenever the user sits on it – just like a Personal Trainer®.

This protects against back problems and fatigue and increases productivity. HAIDER BIOSWING® also provides a wonderful sense of freedom when sitting on it – something which every user will immediately appreciate and never wants to miss it again.

HAIDER BIOSWING® is the only office chair in the world without a fixed mechanical connection between the seat and the ground. The seat with the backrest is attached to the base in a free-hanging arrangement with steel cables, like a pendulum. Rubber shock absorbers prevent from involuntarily oscillating too fast.

Sensorimeter System

The synchronised and reflected movements stimulate a large number of receptors in the muscles, vertebral joints and skin so that increased pulse sequences are transmitted to the spinal cord and brain through using the dynamic character of the musculoskeletal system itself. They activate the motor and regulatory control centres in the central nervous system and enable the effective and efficient control of posture and movements.

Additionally, sitting in HAIDER BIOSWING® is like working with a trainer – it activates the musculature, saves energy, stimulates the sensorimotor system and optimises control of posture and movements. Furthermore, the increasingly growing impulse currents from receptors to the brain lead to a concurrent activation of the systems that control blood circulation, the metabolism and respiratory and cardiac rhythms and counteract fatigue. They increase perceived well-being, concentration and thus boost physical and mental performance.

Thousands of revitalising micro-pulses throughout your workday continuously ensure greater inspiration, energy and performance.

The Back & Muscles

The rhythmically reflected movement impulses provide a physiologically uniform alternation of tension and relaxation in the trunk musculature and prevent painful tension. They particularly stimulate the interaction of individual muscle layers and, in doing so, even activate the deep, small muscles that are directly located in the spinal column. This segmental musculature ensures well-stabilised posture and fluent movement through its coordinated interplay.

Because the deep muscle layer remains powerful, the long back muscles that are more superficially located do not have to work overtime to support the posture. This is an important effect because back pain associated with posture is prevented. As these superficial muscles responsible for general quick movements are less suitable for these stabilising functions, they quickly become tense and painful.

Because of the pelvic motion allowed by movements in the seat and backrest, the lumbar spine also benefits from continuous mobilisation. An improved upright posture of the pelvis extends throughout the entire lumbar region to the cervical spine region. In addition, horizontal movements relieve pressure and stiffness felt in the lumbar-pelvic-hip region.


Brand Haider
Warranty 5 years (limited to regular office hours use)
Boxed Weight 40kg
Box Dimension 135cm x 70cm x 70cm
Weight Limit 125kg
Backrest Height 60cm
Backrest Height Adjustment 8cm
Backrest Width 47cm
Armrest Height 17 - 27cm
Seat Diameter 65cm
Seat Height 50 - 63cm
Seat Width 47cm
Seat Depth Adjustment 46 - 52cm
Seat Tilt Angle +4 to -6 Degrees


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Great chair, apart from the seat cushion

I bought this without being able to try it in the shop due to the coronavirus lockdown, so a bit of a gamble.
First impressions - I really like the design, and the movement from the suspension system. I'm finding myself just rocking from side to side because I can.
There is easily enough adjustment for me to get a good seating position.
It seems really well made. It has a very solid feel
I wish it could recline a bit more - it is fine for an office, but if you are working from home then sometimes it is nice to recline a bit further and relax.
The only problem is the seat cushion - it is far too firm. Even after only a few hours of use I was looking for gel/memory foam cushions on Amazon.
Review by David B / (Posted on 30/04/2020)