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ConSet 501-17 Rectangular Height Adjustable Electric Desk
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ConSet 501-17 Rectangular Height Adjustable Electric Desk

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ConSet 501-17 Rectangular Height Adjustable Electric Desk is an easy and simple design with a silver frame.

The simple exterior characterizes the entire product. The frame also has a number of practical features like retractable cable tray and built-in wheels. The height range of the desktop is 68 - 120cm. The frame capacity is 80 kg.

With the 501-17 you get a modern and elegant table for a very affordable price.

Please note that the 501-17 frames have been discontinued. The closest range to this is the ConSet 501-25.

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ConSet 501-17 Rectangular Height Adjustable Electric Desk
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If you would like to purchase a ConSet Electric Desk with a special order top or with a different specification, please contact us

10 good reasons to choose a ConSet desk from Back2:

  1. Changing your working position regularly helps to prevent back problems.
  2. If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day, rather than sitting at a standard desk all day, can offer great relief and help the recovery process when back pain occurs.
  3. People of various heights can easily adjust their desk according to specific needs - particularly beneficial to those of a taller stature, in the prevention of stooping.
  4. Electric operation means that people can easily adjust their own desk height, which is also very useful for wheelchair users.
  5. Ideal for people where sitting all day is not an option, i.e. individuals returning to work after back surgery.
  6. Developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, to meet European standards and to cater for many types of work processes.
  7. Advantageous for groups who share the same workstation - i.e. "hotdesking" or shift working environments.
  8. Compliance with the latest DDA regulations.
  9. ConSet A/S are specialised suppliers of electric desks, which means substantial production quantities and good value for money.
  10. Good value for money means more people can choose electric compared to manual height adjustment.
  11. Back2 has been selling sit-stand desks since 1995 and can offer the benefit of their experience in recommending ConSet desks.


Brand ConSet
Operation Electric Motor
Warranty Electrical / Mechanical parts : 2 years
Other parts : 5 years
Boxed Weight Legs: 21kg
120cm/140cm: 7kg
160cm/180cm/200cm: 10kg
Box Dimension Legs: 73.5 x 66 x 13.5cm
Desktop: 50cm larger than chosen desktop size
120cm/140cm: 10 x 10 x 87.4cm
160cm/180cm/200cm: 10 x 10 x 147.4cm
Weight Limit 80kg
Height 680mm - 1200mm
Width 1200mm/1600mm/1800mm/2000mm
Depth 800mm

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