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In 1945, in the small town of Okamura, Yokohama, the Okamura Corporation was founded by a team of technical experts and designers with a strong and clear vision at the future of ergonomic design. The Japanese brand has, since then championed many ergonomic designs that have changed the future of working in an office.

The core value of Okamura lies in its 5 principles: Creativity – Cooperation – Frugality – Savings – Service. At the heart of the company is its unrestricted creativity. Okamura understands what a modern office looks like, so the brand never stops its research efforts, even in the smallest details or tweaks, in order to find the next innovative products that will bring even more benefits to its clients. However, creativity must come with frugality, a core Japanese value, which means the products must be within an acceptable price range so that all customers can enjoy the best of ergonomics without having to spend a fortune. Its services are also notably quick and human-centric so that every customer feels pandered when they buy Okamura’s amazing products. The end result? High-quality products at a reasonable price range which bring you plenty of ergonomic benefits and which can change the way you work in an office environment!

Aware of their environmental impact, Okamura is also an eco-conscious company meaning that each Okamura chair comes guilt free.