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Adjustable desk systems made in Germany

If you're looking for long-lasting and reliable equipment, look no further. Founded in 1925 by the Moll family, Moll Funktion has become a synonym for high quality, ergonomic and adjustable desk systems for children and adults.

Unlike most children's furniture, Moll is designed and produced in Germany with a bigger picture in mind. From their start in elementary school until their graduation, children and teenagers are able to sit and work healthily at their desks and chairs. This is because Moll thinks of desks and chairs as a system that must be able to adapt, adjust and expand according to the child's needs as they grow. 

The high quality and functionality of Moll furniture are accompanied by clever design: both the Champion and the T7 desks won a Red Dot award respectively in 2012 and 2016. The T7 Exclusive won the German Design Award 2018.