As offices around the world close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has soon become the new normal for office workers. Tele-conferences and group chats have now replaced meetings, but it isn’t so bad as you might think it is. Remote working is truly a challenge, but it offers you a lot of flexibility that you might need if you are overstressed.

When office workers work from home, one of the biggest concerns arising from the situation is that of their health. Because office workers don’t have to walk to the tube every day to get to work now, it will be much more difficult for them to stay in shape. The best solution? Yoga, of course! Yoga is a great way to stretch your body as well as to keep you stress-free, and you can do yoga almost everywhere! Here are some yoga poses you could actually try at home to stay in shape.

Seated cat-cow pose

This is the perfect pose for remote workers because it is really easy to try and it’s really good for your back and your shoulders, which are often the most affected parts of your body if you work with desk tasks all the time. First, sit with your hips apart and rest your hands on your knees. Then, inhale and push your chest forward while looking up the ceiling. Afterwards, exhale and round your back while looking down the floor. Repeat for 5 reps.

Eye palming

Working on the computer all the time is very taxing to your eyes, so a yoga pose which helps to relax the eyes is very helpful to remote workers. With this pose, first, rub your hands together to build up heat. Then, close your eyes and use the palm of your hands to cover them. Breathe in deeply. Then, move your eyes slowly in a clockwise fashion. Then repeat but in the opposite direction. Finally, remove your hands and slowly open your eyes. They will feel much more refreshed.


Meditation is a great way to release cooped-up stress and refresh your mental energy. It also helps to improve your cognitive judgement so that you will make better decisions even when under pressure. First, you must find a quiet place so that your line of thoughts should be undisturbed. Then, fold your arms on a desk, and rest your forehead on the forearms. Close your eyes, then inhale and exhale, preferably at the same length. You shouldn’t try to shut your line of thought but instead, let it wander. Stay in the position for several minutes, and then slowly raise your head when you are done. You will definitely feel much better.

There are a lot of challenges to remote workers, especially during this difficult period. Doing these easy yoga poses is a great way to keep your body in good shape even if you have to sit on a chair doing desk tasks all day. Doing yoga will also help to relax and refresh your mind so that you won’t be overwhelmed by stress.