Botanical Spaces in the office

As with most offices, there will be a few desk plants situated around the workplace. Nowadays, most offices are now adding botanical spaces. Some companies have been documented as having indoor treehouses. Having a garden at your office is actually very beneficial for you, and here is why.

Improve the overall aesthetics

Green botanical spaces are simply beautiful. They add a touch of aestheticism and minimalism to your otherwise bland office. They will also balance out soulless metal furniture pieces in your office, giving it a refreshing and minimal look.

Create a welcoming space

A tiny garden doesn’t just make your office look good, but it also creates a welcoming experience for your clients. This will leave them with a long-lasting good impression. It might also help seal a difficult deal that you have been chasing after for months. It will also create a refreshing and welcoming working space for your coworkers as well.

Create a more comfortable working environment

Most of us can’t really work in a cramped environment with just metals surrounding us. It would be extremely uncomfortable to do so. Having plenty of plants in the office will give a comfortable working environment. This will help you feel more peaceful and serene, thus boosting your productivity. Plants also go well with cramped spaces, so they might be your best solution if the office is a bit small.

Reduce stress

Having green spaces in your office is a great way to reduce stress, according to a recent study. Simply touching or smelling the scent of a plant in the air is enough to reduce a considerable amount of stress that an employee has accumulated over the day because, as some researchers believe, humans are naturally biophilic, meaning they are naturally predisposed to seek connection with nature.

Provide health benefits

Plants in your office will help to regulate the bacteria level and clean the air you breathe in. They also absorb a great deal of carbon dioxide and release oxygen in return, making the air fresh, lively, and uplifting all the time.

Save energy

Although you cannot completely get rid of air conditioning units, having some greenery in your office greatly reduces the amount of energy it takes to operate these machines. Green plants help to regulate your office’s room temperature, and they also purify the air of toxic bacteria, helping you to become less dependent on AC units.

Reduce absenteeism

Sometimes people are absent because they don’t feel like working, and if the office is bleak, then this is totally understandable. Having some plants in your office will make it a more welcoming place, thus giving employees more motivation to show up for work.

There is so much to gain to create some green spaces in your office, and the types of plants which are often used to decorate offices are resilient by nature, you won’t have to do much to take care of it. As National Gardening Week peeks at the corner, it’s time to join the celebration and add some green to your office!