Offices require employees to sit all day. There is an on-going debate on why standing in the office is good for you. But it is never mentioned how long and often misleads people to stand all day.

The truth is, neither sitting or standing all day is good for you; Variation is key. Alternating between the two will bring so much more benefit and Back2 will explain why.

Improves Concentration at Work

concentration at work

When varying your work position, this helps ensure better blood circulation and oxygen flow through the body. This includes the brain, which needs more oxygen to function at the most optimal levels. This results in an increase in concentration.

Burns More Calories

Office workers tend to be very inactive for around 8 hours of the day, relying on activities outside of work for balance.

Alternating between sitting and standing while working gets the heart pumping more blood through the body, resulting in more calories being burned. Standing for a few hours while typing can burn approximately 145 calories.

Standing Results in More Energy

Standing Energy

Most office workers start to feel the effects of sleepiness during work in the afternoon, resulting in a negative effect on performance.

Alternating helps combat the signs of fatigue. This also helps with communication. When in a standing position, a person can move about more which help manage communication more easily. This particularly benefits call centre workers.

Live Longer

Sitting for a long period of time without alternating results in a slower metabolism. This puts employees at higher risk of developing heart conditions and diabetes.


Variation between sitting and standing is vital to not only your performance at work but also your health outside of work as well. While we have mentioned the reason behind alternating work position, it all depends on if the furniture allows you to switch and if employees are trained to stand in the correct posture at work.

At Back2, We have a wide range of furniture and accessories that will help provide a healthier workstation. This includes height adjustable desks, sit-stand desk adapters and sit-stand chairs.

We also specialise in DSE assessment to assess your workstation and recommend the best solution for a more ergonomic work environment and a healthier future. Contact us on 020 7935 0351 or here to consult with one of our DSE assessors.