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What is Agile Working?

by Back2

Posted on 4th February 2020

The workplace today is very different from that of decades ago. No longer do you have to show up at work every day to do some actual work. Modern technology allows you to work anywhere and anytime. It is thanks to advances in modern technology that a new kind of working culture has been born, and is overtaking the traditional method of working. Called agile working by experts, this mode of working is expected to bring many benefits for both employers and the employees.

What Exactly is Agile Working?

Agile working can be defined as a working style that allows maximum flexibility and minimum constraints. Workers can work wherever they want and however they want with the belief that this will let them maximize their work output and performance. This mode of work is made possible thanks to modern technologies such as telecommunication systems, video conferences, etc. Its basis lies in the belief that work is not a place but rather an activity that one does. In that sense, where and when one does their work is irrelevant to the quality of the work.

Flexible Working vs Agile Working

Many will certainly be confused by the term. Isn’t that the same as flexible working, you might ask. While the two modes certainly share a lot of points in common, there are some fundamental differences as well. If you work flexibly, it is usually because you ask your boss to allow you flexible schedule and working patterns, meaning it will cost your boss something and benefit you something. It is also considered more of a reward for hard work than a work philosophy.

On the other hand, agile working is considered a win-win relationship. Both your boss and you stand to gain something from this working mode. Agile working is also more of a philosophy for long-term working style.

The Benefits of Agile Working

Of course, not everyone will be approving of agile working upon hearing the word for the first time. However, there are certain benefits from agile working that will make it a worthwhile experiment for your employees:

- Improved business continuity: Your employees don’t have to go to work now, so they will not face traffic jams nor bad weather, meaning you will not face disruptions in your business.

- Lower maintenance cost: You don’t have to pay as much money to rent another office now, and you will certainly save a lot of space by letting your employees work agile.

- Improved work-life balance for the employees

- Much less travel time and cost for the employees

- Improved overall wellbeing for the employees

Agile working is a proven mode of working that certainly works. Understandably, there might be trust issues as you both start out, but as time settles in, you will find that your employees’ productivity will be greatly enhanced thanks to the lack of distraction, and they will certainly be much happier now that they don’t have to go to the office every single day.

Posted in on 4th February 2020 by Back2.