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Top Sustainable Ergonomic Brands

by Back2

Posted on 19th February 2020

Top Sustainable Ergonomic Brands

2019 was a wild year for the environment. The world saw not only some of the most terrifying environmental hazards but also a surge in awareness of environmental issues. The world could not look away from environmental issues now. Every industry must seek a better and more sustainable way to manufacture their products.

Fortunately, the ergonomic furniture industry has always been reliably sustainable with several good practices. Each manufacturer has a sense of strong commitment to community development and environment protection. Ergonomic furniture brands understand the environmental impacts of their production line, so almost every brand has its own guideline to reduce this impact.

Here are the top 3 brands with the most effective and the strongest commitment.


FLokk Logo

Flokk is a furniture giant from the Scandinavia. They have been producing high-quality furniture pieces since 2007. Since then, Flokk has been playing its part in revolutionising office processes and how you work.

The heart of the brand’s sustainable commitment lies in its design. Flokk’s design focuses on achieving less with more. They actively try to reduce the number of materials they use while still designing products with a long lifespan. To stick to its commitment to the environment, the brand does its best to use recycled materials for all of its products, and the share of recycled materials in Flokk’s products is now at 60%. The brand plans to up this number to 100% by 2022!

Flokk’s products are also designed to be disassembled for repair and recycling purposes. This is so current parts can be replaced and recycled to make new parts.


Humanscale Logo

With innovative mechanics to help improve the comfort level of office workers, Humanscale is no stranger in the industry. Since its founding in 1983, the brand Humanscale has been producing high-quality furniture pieces with high mobility and adaptability.

The brand also keeps serious commitments to improving the environment. This is done by reducing the number of parts in its products, thereby reducing carbon footprints. Humanscale also keeps track of its own gas emission, waste, energy use, etc. to ensure all metrics stay in the allowed range.

One of the key aspects of Humanscale's sustainability is the design of a chair to promote the cause. The materials used for the Smart Ocean chair is sourced from Net Positiva, a collection and recycling program aimed at combating the detrimental effects of discarded ocean fishing nets. These nets are transformed into recycled nylon pellets used for manufacturing.


Salli Logo

Based in Finland, Salli is a top ergonomic brand which provides a wide range of sitting solutions for people with disorders. Through their signature Salli Saddle Chairs, the brand has introduced numerous new working concepts which will encourage them to get out more and to stop their sedentary lifestyle.

Salli is firmly committed to developing its employees and the environment. Their products are 85-95% composed of recycled aluminium, which helps to reduce carbon footprints and gas emission. They also use exclusively recycled leather for all of their products.

In the age of climate change, these companies have played an important role in helping the world fight against environmental issues.

Posted in on 19th February 2020 by Back2.