The most magical holiday season of the year is coming, and it is the perfect time to think about the presents for your most beloved ones. If you are getting a bit tired of the good old presents such as tea, coffee, biscuits, etc., it is time to prepare for something a bit more interesting and practical. Ergonomic gifts might not sound like a good idea, but with so many of us having to stay seated for prolonged periods, these gifts will be great lifesavers. Below are some of the best ergonomic gifts for your friends and family this Xmas, selected by our experts!

Humanscale Foot Rocker

Humanscale FR500 Foot Rocker

£90 (Cherry or Black available)

Designed to help office workers rest their feet comfortably while working, the Humanscale FR500 Foot Rocker is a simple invention that will solve a lot of problems. The foot rocker encourages healthy rocking movements that will preserve your balance and provide extra support to your lower back area. This foot rocker features rubber non-skid grips that will keep your feet firmly on it, ensuring that you will not accidentally slip while rocking. The foot rocker’s sleek and timeless design will also make it a great fit for all office settings!

CBS Lima

CBS Lima Monitor Arm

£194.40 (Depending on configuration)

Boasting strong support and good flexibility, this monitor arm will from the brand CBS will help you to control the angles of your monitor, allowing you to sit straight and get a good view of the screen without having to slouch forward. This monitor arm is very easy to install, and you can control it with just a quick click of a button, making sure that you will not have to spend a lot of time learning the ropes. The arm allows you to tilt the screen forward up to 80 degrees, and backwards up to 10 degrees.

Contour Unimouse

Contour Unimouse Vertical Mouse

£79.99 (Wired. £89.99 for wireless)

Most computer mice are not designed to give your hands the optimal comfort, so your wrists will be injured and tired after a while. This mouse is designed to help your hands stay in a neutral position even when you are using it, making sure that there will be as little strain on your hands as possible. The house also boasts a lot of adjustment options that allow you to adapt its design to fit your own hands, making it one of the best gifts to an office worker. The mouse features adjustable thumb support that will provide extra comfort to you. The slanted angle ranges from 35 degrees to 75 degrees.

These Christmas gifts might not be as flashy as traditional ones, but their practicality will definitely bring a smile to your beloved’s face. If you need more help searching for the perfect ergonomic gifts for your friends and family this holiday season, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We stock a good range of ergonomic furniture as well as ergonomic accessories from famous brands such as Humanscale, HAG, CBS, and much more. Contact us right away for more information!