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There is no compromise with the 3Dee

by Back2

Posted on 19th August 2013

A brand new and exciting chair will shortly be launched in the UK.

This is the Aeris 3Dee...
Made by the same company which produces the amazing Swopper and Muvman, the 3Dee looks almost like any other office chair, but with the advantages well known to those who love the Swopper so much. You can bounce on it, and rock on it from side-to-side. As the manufacturer says, the movement is "Active". This "dynamic sitting stimulates your circulation, puts you in a good mood and boosts your performance. Frequent changes in posture strengthens your back, keeping your muscles fit".

The 3Dee has many other features - including a backrest - which you'll be able to read about on our website soon.

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UPDATE: See information about the new Aeris 3Dee and how to buy on our website here.

Posted in and tagged Office chairs, Swopper on 19th August 2013 by Back2.