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The Benefits of Using Ergonomic Office Furniture.

by Back2

Posted on 2nd July 2012

One hears a lot about how important it is to install ergonomic office furniture to protect the health of staff and workers - increased working hours and extended time spent sitting at that desk can lead to long term health problems if not carefully monitored, and it is well known that ergonomic chairs can minimise the risk of potential injuries to staff. Did you know, however, that the installation of ergonomic office furniture has also been proven to increase productivity in the workplace by up to 17%?.

Increased productivity is not always the first potential advantage that springs to mind when selecting office furniture. Instead, most office managers tend to focus on more immediately tangible benefits such as price, design and the aesthetic impression that their choice of furniture creates. Whilst these are all important considerations to bear in mind, the long term effect of increased productivity has far reaching consequences and shouldn't be ignored.

Advances in technology mean that workers tend to spend more time sitting at their desks today than at any time in the past. The prevalence of teleconferencing and email in modern communications has led to a reduction in traditional meetings, resulting in fewer opportunities for staff to get up and walk around. Not only that, but the office culture has evolved to include longer working hours, with staff increasingly eating at their desks in order to complete their daily tasks. This may be seen as progress in some ways but there is much evidence to suggest that the lack of comfort and good working practice results in reduced output for the amount of hours worked.

Have you noticed how productivity seems to decrease in the later hours of the afternoon? If you are not using ergonomic chairs then this may a consequence of discomfort in your staff, leaving them unable to deliver optimum performance.

Ergonomic office chairs are specifically designed to provide vital support to the areas of the body that suffer when workers have to sit for protracted lengths of time. By installing furniture which is correctly aligned to the contours of the body, you will create a workforce which is not only comfortable, but which also feels that management values their health, their happiness and the work that they do.

To make the most of your ergonomic office furniture you need to talk to your staff to identify their individual needs and how they should be met. Factors such as body size, gender and even whether they are left or right-handed will all have an impact on the type of furniture you choose; as will the types of tasks that are carried out during the course of a working day. Not only will this ensure that your purchases are right for your office, but it will help your staff to realise just how much they are valued and should help them feel motivated to give of their best.

Back2 can help you in the staff consultation process. It has trained staff who carry out Display Screen Equipment assessments and write individual reports for your employees.

Please contact our experienced team here at Back2 on 020 7487 4730 for additional insight and advice regarding the most suitable furnishing solutions for your specific requirements.

Posted in on 2nd July 2012 by Back2.