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The Appeal of Bamboo Fabrics on Mattresses

by Back2

Posted on 10th April 2013



The Plant

Bamboo has become a widely appreciated plant in recent years. Some of its main qualities are:

  • Rapid growth, which implies no deforestation risks. The plant grows in 3-5 years and after this period it can be harvested.
  • Bamboo is available in many areas of the world, meaning that this material is easily accessible.
  • Due to the strength of this plant, no pesticides or other chemicals are needed during its cultivation. Therefore, bamboo is a healthy, eco-friendly material.
  • After its lifetime, bamboo decomposes completely into a completely reusable and rich soil.

The Fibre

Bamboo is used not only to create furniture, but also fabrics. This is because of some excellent properties:

  • Bamboo is highly hygienic thanks to a natural agent called Bamboo Kun. Tests show that fabric made 100% out of Bamboo, when exposed to the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, exhibited 99.8% antibacterial kill rate. Bamboo fabric shows a high antibacterial rate even after as many as 50 washes. More tests showed how this fabric could also relieve burning and itching caused by athlete’s foot.
  • Bamboo acts as a thermal regulator. It stays 1-2°C cooler in hot environments, and warmer in cold ones.
  • Bamboo fabric is softer than silk, but less expensive and more sustainable.

Bamboo Chic Soft Mattress

The Bamboo Chic Soft Mattress by Magniflex combines the natural qualities of Bamboo with modern research and comfort. The fiber padding is made of 100% bamboo fabric, making this mattress dust mites free and avoiding thus excess heat and humidity. This is combined with Elioform padding, formed by water-expanded polyurethane, a highly breathable material. Under these paddings there is an insulating cover.

Bamboo Breakaway Picture The inside of the mattress is made by a thick layer of Soy Ecogreen Orthopaedic foam. This is infused with essential oils and it has anti-rheumatic properties. Soy extracts provide extra softness. The firmness of this mattress is medium, and it provides the right support for most people, as shown on the right: Bamboo Chic Mattress Density

The height of the Bamboo Chic Soft mattress is 20cm, and the standards of the mattress have been tested and certified by different bodies, making it gain among others the OEKO certification against toxic and noxious substances.

Posted in on 10th April 2013 by Back2.