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Four Tips to Avoid Text Neck

by Back2

Posted on 10th January 2018

Text neck is described as a range of issues including neck tension, pain, stiffness and strain, all caused by poor posture and repetitive movements. These happen while interacting with a range of hand-held accessories that require us to look down.


With fast technology developments come the inevitable side effects. Whilst computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones have done a lot to helps us humans accomplish the unthinkable and have made our lives a lot easier, there are some aspects that our bodies have not had time to adjust to.

Basically, technology has evolved a lot faster than our bodies, which have needed millions of years to become what they are today. This doesn't mean that we should dismantle our desks and turn off our phones.

Bearing in mind what our bodies' strengths and weaknesses are, there are some tips we can follow that will help us minimise the side effects of gadgets and technology in our daily lives.

To read more about each tip, scroll down below the infographic:



How to Avoid Text Neck

1- Raising the screen of the gadget you're looking at is the first and most effective step to take. Without a need for you to look down, the chances of you slouching and bending your neck are highly reduced. At Back2 we have a nice range of tablet and laptop stands.


2- Training yourself to stand and sit tall, to keep your body in balance and alignment will help you correct bad posture and the text neck position when it first occurs. Once you feel comfortable in a healthy position, you will start noticing your poor posture a lot sooner and making the correct adjustments.


3- Breaking the habit is good for the body (and for the soul.)  Walking to the kitchen to make a hot drink, looking away from the screen and simply changing position are all good ways to release the tension that builds up in the neck and shoulders.


4- Follow an exercise routine to keep your neck, shoulders and overall back strong. A strong body will be able to cope with the stresses of modern life a lot better. Try to combine strength exercises with stretching and relaxation to give yourself all the fighting tools you need.

Posted in on 10th January 2018 by Back2.