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Swopper Classic VS Swopper Air: Differences Explained

by Back2

Posted on 3rd November 2017

One of the questions customers frequently ask us is: what's the difference between the Swopper Air and the Swopper Classic?


This is a valid question given that externally they almost look identical. The only external visual difference is the seat upholstery, which is a breathable net structure for the Swopper Air and a smooth microfiber for the Swopper Classic.

Swopper air seat cushion structure

The main differences are internal and have to do with the cushion's structure. Whereas the Swopper Classic cushion follows a traditional moulded foam structure, the Swopper Air comprises of four internal layers:

- Integral foam - firmer foam at the core
- Patented 3DEA spacer fabric to regulate the heat
- Soft foam layer
- Wadding


Aeris have recently introduced a high gas lift option for people taller than 185 cm or 6 feet. This gas lift can only be used with glides and can only fit the Swopper Classic. These limitations are due to Health ans Safety regulations, so if the height is your main priority the Swopper Classic is recommended. If you are comfortable sitting on the standard height gas lift, then the main aspects to consider will be whether you prefer a softer seat (Air) and if you tend you overheat easily, in which case the Swopper Air would provide improved ventilation and breathability.


The table below provides a summary of both stools' features:

 Air  Classic
 Cover material  100% polyester net structure
70000 Martindale rubs
 88 % Polyester, 12 % Polyurethane microfibre
100000 Martindale rubs
Also available in premium black leather.
 Internal cushion
 Wadding, Soft foam, 3DEA spacer  fabric,
integral foam
 Moulded foam
 Standard gas lift  45-59 cm  45-59 cm
 High gas lift
(glides only)
 49-69 cm
Recommended for users taller than 185 cm
 Weight limit  60 - 120 kg  60 - 120 kg
 Glides  Metal and felt  Metal and felt
 Braking castors
DIN EN 12529
 Available with surcharge  Available with surcharge
 Product weight  11 Kg  11 kg
 Spring colour  Same as base colour  Matching cover or base colour
 Guarantee  3 years  3 years


To try the Swopper Air and Swopper Classic for yourself in our Central London showroom, contact us.

Posted in on 3rd November 2017 by Back2.