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Sleep and Sports' Performance Event - 14 November

by Back2

Posted on 26th November 2012

The Royal Society of Medicine event.

"Sleep and Sports Performance".

14th November 2012

The Royal Society of Medicine in London's Wimpole Street is hosting this event which they describe on their website as follows:

"Sleep and circadian rhythms underpin all aspects of sport, whether it be performance, rehabilitation, burnout, learning new skills, appreciating tactical positions or doping. Sleep and biological rhythms affect both body and mind, so it is vital to consider these factors in elite sports performance as nowadays milliseconds or millimetres difference are enough to win or lose. It's not only elite sports that needs to understand the progress made in sleep research in the past fifty years, it is also important in other areas. With the coming of age of Sport & Exercise Medicine and its commitment to chronic disease management and the need to prescribe exercise properly, it is also necessary to understand the physiology of one of the body's principal supportive and restorative mechanisms. Whether it be sailing, soccer, dance, darts, swimming or gardening sleep has a role for optimal performance."

For further information see here.

Posted in on 26th November 2012 by Back2.