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RH New Logic Coming Soon

by Back2

Posted on 25th February 2019

Brand New Logic

The Logic 300 and 400 was first released in 2005 to replace the RH Logic 3 and 4, respectively. It revolutionalised the office seating market by allowing the user to fully adjust the comfort and support of the chair.

14 years have passed and the world of office and workspaces has changed; office designs have become more modernised and the use of hotdesking is increasing.

With five years in the making, RH is ready to launch a better chair. The RH New Logic.

Great Chair Made Better

RH New Logic

Designed by Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad, The RH New Logic was created to provide wellbeing during a long period of sitting. By providing support and relief, it helps the user stay focus on the job at hand.

The chair now has an all-new design. Its neat shape and sophisticated look can now blend seamlessly into any workspace. The top half of the backrest features a bulge that encourages an upright posture position when seated.

A Lasting Impact

RH New Logic

The main highlight of the New Logic is sustainability and environmental efficiency. The chair is durable whilst leaving very little impact on the environment. This is because it is all made from recycled materials and all parts are replaceable. This allows all components to be recyclable and free from toxic substances.

The New Logic will come in a medium back (Logic 200) and a high back (Logic 220). Both will be available to order in June 2019 with options for armrests, headrest, different colour base and option for XL seat.

Posted in on 25th February 2019 by Back2.