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Review: RH New Logic

by Back2

Posted on 10th October 2019

Review: RH New Logic

RH New Logic

When planning out an ergonomic workplace, getting the right chair is often the most important step. This comes right after choosing the right desk. Ergonomic chairs have huge impacts on your health. They can help you get into the right sitting posture. They can reduce back pain and neck pain, two of the most common conditions that affect office workers. What’s more, chairs with armrests can also benefit you greatly as they will make your working experience much more comfortable, especially in long-hour shifts.

Today’s focus will be on a whole new chair model by the famous brand Flokk from Sweden. The RH New Logic is the newest entry in the brand’s legendary line of ergonomic chairs. This chair is poised to take your breath away with its smart design and extreme comfort.

A Glance at the Brand

Flokk shouldn’t come as a new name if you are a fan of office design. Flokk is a leading furniture manufacturer in Europe. They are composed of many familiar product brands such as HÅG, RH, Giroflex, BMA and RBM. Flokk’s philosophy emphasizes on human-centric designs, focusing on the users’ experience and ease-of-use rather than flashy aesthetics. For this reason, the products of the brand are extremely user-friendly and versatile.

RH Logic Line

The award-winning RH Logic series, famous for their extremely high adjustability has now returned with an even better design! RH Logic 220 and RH Logic 200 are two newest additions to the series, and they are looking really promising already!

The chairs’ design has been revamped to provide more ease-of-use for users. All switches and dials on the chair have icons on them for quick and simple setup. The design is now even more inviting, as the chair’s backrest curves graciously to convey a comfortable and ergonomic vibe in users.

RH Logic 220 and Logic 200 are best for long-hour shifts. The design emphasizes on fluid movement, total control, and the best sitting experience. The chair can come with an optional adjustable neck rest to help alleviate neck pain. The chairs’ backrest is designed to be slightly curved inward to provide better lumbar support and to encourage an open posture. It is also adjustable so that your back will receive support in whatever angle you choose. With so many adjustable parts, the chairs will certainly give you a great sitting experience that few models can convey.

RH New Logic

Designing a great chair is difficult, but Flokk decided to go take it up a notch and make their products sustainable. 69% of the plastic used to make the chairs is from recycled plastic, and 94% of aluminium is from recycled aluminium. What a great way to be comfortable and sustainable at the same time!

Should I buy one?

RH Logic 220 and 200 are among the few chairs that don’t confuse you with all the technical terms or flashy design. When you see these chairs, you won’t be overwhelmed by them, but instead welcomed to try out all that they have to offer.

Great design, huge arrays of adjustments, loads of optional extensions. This is truly one of the best chairs for an ergonomic office to come out of 2019.

Both RH New Logic 200 and 220 can be ordered on our website here.

Posted in on 10th October 2019 by Back2.