Orangebox Being

The office environment contains many lurking potential hazards. Much more than you could imagine. Your office chair, if not correctly adjusted to you, will worsen certain chronic conditions such as back and neck pain. An inappropriate set-up computer screen will leave you too exposed to blue light, hurting your eyes in the process.

To combat these potential dangers, it is important to give your office a good makeover. Items such as ergonomic chairs and desks help you to sit in the right posture and prevent any pain and pressure from your body. Among the most popular ergonomic brands on the market, the Orangebox Being chairs are the perfect choices if you are looking to step into the world of ergonomics!

Orangebox Being Us Chair

Orangebox Being Us

The Orangebox Being Us Chair is the first of latest pair of ergonomic chairs to join the brand. Sharing many similarities with its sister chair, this model is designed more towards as a general chair. The wide array of ergonomic features are created to suit most people. The chair offers quick and easy support to ensure you or your colleagues stay comfortable while sitting for a long time.

The chair is designed to automatically make changes the moment you sit on it, adapting its entire design to your measurements. The result is a highly-personalised and healthier sitting experience which protects you from back pain and neck pain. The chair is also smartly designed to be highly agile, with all of its ergonomic functionalities. Features such as the backrest and neck rest, neatly installed within the chair itself so as not to make its presence too overwhelming. The result is a very versatile chair that blends in very well with almost every office decoration style.

Orangebox Being Me Chair

Orangebox Being Me

The Orangebox Being Me chair is the more advanced model suitable for office workers in the office environment. This model is mainly aimed at workers who spend more time at a dedicated workstation. This allows it to be adapted to your measurements with ease. With just a flick of a few levers, the chair will change itself almost completely to your body type, giving you the exact type of comfort you need to work over hours at your dedicated workstation.

Orangebox Being Mechanism

Being chairs come fitted with an intelligent weight balancing mechanism. This ensures that it is quickly adapted to suit a wide range of body types. There is also an optional headrest with angle adjustment. This will be suitable if you need to take a few minutes of rest before returning to work. And inflatable lumbar support can also be added for extra support in the lower spine region. The chair’s simple design allows it to be a great addition to most office settings without looking too out-of-place.


The Orangebox Being range is highly affordable and worth every penny. Their highly customisable system allows for a personalised sitting experience which will certainly keep back pain, neck pain, and other sitting conditions away from you. Check out the Orangebox Being Me chair and Orangebox Being Us chair at Back2.