prepare children for new school term

Bad posture is one of the most common issues in children. In a study conducted in the Czech Republic, bad posture affects as much as 38.3% of all the children participating in the study. Children are especially vulnerable to bad posture because their bones are still developing. So an anomaly in their posture will easily affect the entire structure. To keep their posture straight and neutral all the time, you have to build and constantly monitor an ergonomic workstation for your children, especially with the coming of a new term. Here are the things you could prepare alongside your children in time for the new school term.

Adjust the Height of Your Furniture

Moll Champion adjustable legs

Children grow rapidly, and so does their height. When your children grow in height, you will have to replace their table and chair so that they can help your child sit in a comfortable sitting position. It is also important that their eyes are aligned with the screen, preventing them from stooping down, which increases their likelihood of getting neck pain. It is precisely for this reason that you should buy ergonomic furniture pieces instead of regular ones for your children. Regular pieces do not come with the option to change their height at your will, forcing you to buy new pieces every now and then to protect your children’s health.

Add More Storage

Moll champion giant drawer

As your children grow older, they will have more and more materials to bring back home. The old compartments might not be spacious enough to accommodate all the new textbooks, stationaries, and other things that come back home with your children. For this reason, you should consider adding more storage compartments to your children’s desk so that they will have more storage space. This allows them to efficiently organise their workstation. This will also prevent them from cramming documents into tight spaces. Which makes it harder to find that one page when they need it the most.

Consider Adding an Ergonomic Table Lamp

Moll Flexlight

Desk lamps are a brilliant invention that allows your kids to keep on studying for finals even though the light is out. However, most traditional table lamps are not flexible, resulting in static illuminated zones. This means that if your children need light, they will have to cram every action into this small illuminated zone. This leaves them uncomfortable if they have to study over hours. Flexible ergonomic table lamps allow them to bend the lamps at their will, and the light can be dimmed or accentuated as well, allowing children to study without harm for their eyes.

Building an ergonomic workstation for your children might be a costly option at first. But the longevity and flexibility of each individual furniture piece will certainly justify the long-term investment. This is especially in comparison to changing your furniture constantly to fit your child’s growth.

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