Generations after generations have suffered back pain, but perhaps generation Y suffers the most. As millions of millennials enter the workforce, they are already facing a serious chance of getting numerous pains through their work.

Early exposure to technologies

Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation in this current age. But this isn’t always necessarily a boon. Being surrounded by technologies since childhood have made this generation particularly vulnerable to chronic conditions such as RSI or back pain from slouching. These new employees are also seeking a lot of days off in their daily routine to make appointments with the doctor.

Gadgets such as smartphones are also to blame when it comes to the high level of pains in millennials. When you read on a smartphone’s screen, you will often have to slouch down to read the message more clearly. This inadvertently adds more pressure to your neck and gives your neck pain. Millennials come into contact with smartphones very early in their life, so the gadget caused lasting damage to them which aggravate as they enter the office environment.

But taking away their technology is not a sound solution. Even though it is undeniable that some new gadgets have been playing an important role in these millennials’ life. Smartphones allow them to connect with colleagues in just a few clicks, and laptops help them to work from distance. Telling millennials employees to sever their ties with these gadgets won’t just harm their productivity but it simply doesn’t help to improve their conditions.

What can we do

Taking away millennials’ gadgets won’t work, but that doesn’t mean you, as their manager, can’t do anything. There’s a lot that you can do actually, starting from the following:

  • Get a DSE assessment: If you can’t change what millennials are using, improve them. DSE assessments will let you know whether your display screens are up to standards. These requirements are there to make sure that display screens will not harm users’ eyes or posture. So if you are concerned about their health, get a DSE assessment.
  • Use ergonomic accessories: Millennials care a lot about their office equipment. They don’t want a traditional workplace with cubicles and simple accessories, but instead something new and refreshing. Ergonomic accessories give millennials beautiful sights to behold during their work hours and help to get them into the right posture, which boosts their health immensely.
  • Choose better office chairs: Your office chairs can be game-changers when it comes to upping your millennial employees’ comfort. Don’t go for traditional swivel chairs that will increase their likelihood to get back pain. Go for modern ones with integrated technology to boost their comfort and productivity instead!

Because of their early exposure to technological gadgets, millennials are now stepping into a new generation of pain. However, it needs not to be permanent. Little steps to changing your environment will not only provide more comfort but also encourage your employees to work more efficiently. Just one tiny step as booking a DSE assessment will go a long way to improve your millennial employees’ health.

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