The Cosm chair is the latest addition to the Herman Miller range of iconic chair designs and it was revealed during last month’s Milano Design Week. Due to its revolutionary self-adjusting design, it promises a new reference for comfort as it can offer total balance and support benefits regardless of who is using the chair and for how long.

Cosm chair at Milano Design Week

Herman Miller looks to eliminate issues that arise from highly adjustable and customisable chairs which are tailored to a specific user. The Cosm was conceived with modern business workspaces and casual home offices in mind, where no two days are spent at the same place (or on the same chair) by the same person. Implementing the latest technological advances such as Auto-Harmonic Tilt to design and produce the Cosm, the result is a self-adapting chair that can automatically adjust to individuals’ posture, weight and pressure points without the need for manual adjustments beforehand. Highly adjustable chairs tailored to a specific user are usually left unadjusted by subsequent users, which compromises comfort and defies the support benefits of the chair.


The Cosm task chair will appeal to anyone who wishes to feel as comfortable as possible when sitting down for longer periods of time without having to think about the chair they are sitting on.

Herman Miller and Studio 75

The Cosm chair is set to launch in September in Europe and will be available in a variety of different finishes (including a special ‘Dipped in Colour’ unibody finish: glacier, nightfall and canyon), three backrest heights and three arm options.

So far, this innovative design has won Interior Design's HiP Award in the "Seating: Task" category and the 2018 Best of NeoCon50 Gold Award in the category of "Seating: Ergonomic Desk/Task".

Update: the Cosm chair and Cosm stool will become available in the UK in early November. Contact us to stay up to date.