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Movement - the key to healthy sitting

by Back2

Posted on 15th December 2015

Enforced static posture is bad. With office related musculo-skeletal disorders on the increase, it is now widely appreciated that movement has to be introduced into the office scenario.It is often said that "the best posture to assume is the next one". The tips below can help you to find ways to create movement in the office

1. Take mini breaks regularly - at least hourly.

Use this time to move around, change posture and maybe do some of the exercises shown opposite.

2. Keep mouse and telephone within easy reach.

Alternating between the left and right side may help alleviate tension in the neck and upper limbs.

3. If you have a free float or recline mechanism on your chair, use it to regularly.

This will have the effect of maintaining tone in the trunk muscles, improving circulation, breathing and alertness.

4. If you have a electronic height adjustable workstation, use the opportunity to sit, perch or stand whilst working.

If you have a fixed height desk try to stand up whenever possible. e.g. when on the phone, talking to colleagues.

Posted in on 15th December 2015 by Back2.