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Mirra 2 Chair: Triflex vs Butterfly

by Back2

Posted on 19th June 2017

When Herman Miller and designers Studio 7.5 teamed up to create the new Mirra 2 chair, they launched a new option which had not been available before. The backrest, which was traditionally supplied in one plastic option became available with a mesh cover.

The Mirra 2 can now be purchased with either a plastic Triflex of mesh-covered Butterfly backrest. The mesh on the Butterfly backrest cannot be removed or retrofitted.

What are the differences between Mirra 2 backrests?

The Butterfly back provides the same amount of ventilation for thermal comfort as the Triflex, in spite of the additional layer. It is also very responsive to every movement, providing the ideal support -this is thanks to a new method which merges the fabric layer with polymer veins to create an intelligent support structure. From an aesthetic point of view, it offers a softer look and a softer feeling to the touch.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Butterfly


The Triflex polymer back's comfortable support zones derive from the shape, size and design of the backrest and its holes. It is also suitable for use in environments subject to a stricter cleaning protocol due to the lack of mesh fabric. This backrest offers a minimal modern look.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Triflex


Which Mirra 2 is better?

Both backrest types are great for ventilation and support. If you need help choosing the one for you, both models are available in our Central London showroom. Trying out an ergonomic office chair before purchasing it is highly recommended.

The 12 years warranty means you will be able to enjoy this chair for many years to come. We'd love to advise you and allow you to try these models so you can determine which one suits you and your needs best.

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Posted in on 19th June 2017 by Back2.