Liike Dual Motor Sit-Stand Desk Review

Liike Electric Sit Stand Desk

Choosing the right desk is often the first, and probably the most important, step in building your own ergonomic workspace. In recent years, sit-stand desks have seen an overwhelming surge in popularity. Many have even regarded them as a revolution in ergonomic design. Touting a smart design that helps you to keep your posture straight, sit-stand desks allow you to work long-hour at your workstation without feeling uncomfortable, helping to boost your productivity immensely. Among the most famous sit-stand desks on the market right now is the Liike Dual Motor Sit-Stand model. This article will take a closer look at it.

Why sit-stand desks?

It would be easier to appreciate the model if you understand why sit-stand desks are generally superior to normal desks. If you are looking to build an ergonomic workspace, sit-stand desks are always the top choice because of:

- Lower the risk of obesity: Sitting does not help you lose calories, but standing helps you lose as much as 170 extra calories.

- Lower the risk of heart disease: Most scientists believe that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons for an increased risk for heart disease. In fact, working while standing reduces this risk by as much as 147%.

- Reduce back pain: Back pain is among the most ubiquitous issues that office workers have to face. Using a sit-stand desk reduce back pain by 54%, as shown in research by the CDC.

Liike Dual Motor Sit-Stand Desk

Liike Sit Stand Desk Beech Top Silver Frame Herman Miller Sayl Liike Sit-Stand Desk Driftwood Top White Frame

Liike Sit Stand Desk Memory Controller

Liike is a new brand, and the name stands for “movement” in Finnish. True to its name, this brand focuses on giving you the widest range of motion, which allows you to work comfortably over a long period of time.

Liike dual motor standing desk is the pinnacle of the brand’s philosophy and innovation. This electric table is fitted with two steel frames which allow the height to be completely adjustable, enabling you to easily customize the desk to fit your height. Finding the appropriate height for your desk is of crucial importance, as it will decide whether you will drop down your neck or not, affecting your overall posture. For that reason, if you are in need of a desk for multiple users, such as in an office, this is the ultimate choice for you.

Why Choose Liike?

One of the main advantages of the Liike Sit-Stand desk is that it runs on a dual motor. This allowed for much smoother operation and a larger load capacity of 100kg. For a dual motor, it works really quiet as well.

The height range is impressive, ranging from 62 to 127cm. The Liike Standing Desks are well suited for children and adults to get the correct working height.

Another huge plus size is that the desk controller stores up to 4 optimal settings, allowing you to effortlessly change the current setting to your desired one without having to remember all the relevant measurements.

The desk’s aesthetics is also worth a shout-out. Sleek, simple, and minimalist, it is the epitome of Scandinavian artisan esprit. The desk goes well with almost any office setting, and it also comes with 5 top options, allowing for an even wider range of personalisation.

Shared desks in the office are often fixed at just one height. While they benefit certain people, some won’t get much out of them. Liike height adjustable desk is the simplest and most effective solution to this conundrum. And it’s super stylish too! The final verdict? Definitely yes!

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