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Kneeling Chairs Explained

by Back2

Posted on 12th June 2015

The information provided is only for reference purposes and should never be used as any form of medical advice or diagnosis. Before trying any new treatments or products to help manage your pain you should always consult your GP or a qualified medical practitioner.
Kneeling Chairs are designed for sitting with the thighs at an angle of around 160-170 degrees to the vertical instead of the usual 90-105 degrees as found with most conventional ergonomic chairs. The term Kneeling Chair is actually a slight misnomer as you won’t really be kneeling when using a Kneeling Chair, a proportion of your weight will be supported by your hips, thighs and legs. A well made Kneeling Chair will keep the spine aligned, support the lower back and keep you properly positioned while seated. The best kneeling chairs are also adjustable so that you can find the position that is most comfortable for your needs.
Many people wrongly assume that the knee rests on a Kneeling Chair are to support the majority of your weight but the main use of the knee rests is to prevent you from sliding forward out of the chair while seated. Much of the weight that is transferred to the legs is actually supported by the hips, shins and feet. The majority of your weight will still remain on your buttocks.
We tend not to recommend Kneeling Chairs for people who are likely to be seated for longer than a couple of hours at a time. The reason for this is that, for a Kneeling Chair to be effective, you must give your body a chance to move and your legs a chance to stretch and change position. For many of us this is not possible while working and so we tend to recommend conventional office chairs that will generally allow you to move and stretch easily, even if you are unable to get up out of your seat for more than a couple of hours.
At Back2 we stock the complete range of Varier Kneeling Chairs including the Varier Variable, Varier Wing Balans, Varier Multi Balans and the Varier Thatsit (including the Varier Thatsit with Backrest). Varier is world renowned for creating high-quality Kneeling Chairs and provides a 5 year warranty on most of their range.We also stock the Putnams range of Kneeling Chairs, which come in to version; the Putnams Kneeling Posture Chair and the Putnams Coccyx Relief Kneeling Chair. Depending on your requirements both of these manufacturers can provide a functional solution to your seating needs.


Posted in on 12th June 2015 by Back2.